Trump Says “I Do” To Joe Rogan’s Debate Challenge, But Will He Accept Stephen’s Counter Offer?

Published on September 16, 2020

Perhaps attempting to distract attention from the damaging revelations in Bob Woodward’s book “Rage,” President Trump today publicly accepted an invitation to take on Joe Biden in a debate moderated by podcaster Joe Rogan. Sounds fun, but Stephen Colbert has a counter offer that the candidates might find more appealing. #Colbert #JoeRogan #Monologue

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  • Simon Poole 4 months ago

    Such a shame this Great comedian has become the very definition of fake news, nothing positive to say about the Democratic candidate and just a string of exaggerated lies about the Republic. Joe Rogan is infinitely more in tune with the mood of the country. Such a shame to see this decline.

  • Don Jon 4 months ago

    TRUMP 2020 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • Luka Buic 4 months ago

    Are they jelous that Rogan could make that happen?

  • Dr wasike okile 4 months ago


  • Andre van Kammen 4 months ago

    I would call for a psychological test before the debate.

  • J D 4 months ago

    i’d love to have a look at an itemized spending spreadsheet of those 800 millions

  • Crabmeat0155 4 months ago

    Why would Trump want to come on your bias show?? He has many better things to do

  • Jack Pieters 4 months ago

    Don’t bash the Joe Rogan podcast quite before actually watching some of the 3 hour conversations with people of great intellect. He is not straight down the line but he does manage to get people to open up and give honest opinions which would be awesome to hear come out of Trumps mouth haha

  • martin ewen 4 months ago

    You’re the kind of deflective clown who profits from misdirection with low tech he-haws while prison camps rip uteruses out of unknown catholics who don’t add to your bottom line.

  • Jeff Roberts 4 months ago

    I’m viewer 0003974859.ER01-hee. Pleased to meet you. Stay safe. ♥♥♥

  • Logan Mathews 4 months ago

    If only you were as relevant as Joe Rogan…

  • 420Galleon 4 months ago

    Stephen, Seth Meyers, and Joe Rogan moderators would be my dreamteam for the debate. Get on it Steph. Get your cronies to reach out.

  • R 4 months ago

    When T-Rump said he is America’s cheerleader, I pictured him a woman’s cheer outfit. That was a big mistake! Can never get that Image out of my head now.

  • JoshBot ofBorg 4 months ago

    Its so nice the president can find free time, between all his golf trips and twitter storms, to be of Fox news for 45 min a week. Its not like there is anything more important to do, like a raging pandemic or the entire west coast being on fire… :

  • K. Ryan 4 months ago

    Definitely do the drug testing since trump is an adderall addict and let’s see how long he can go without snorting the stuff.

  • Ishan Lokhande 4 months ago

    When he says other elements of campaign, the first thing that came to my mind was asking Russian for interference in elections.

  • Barry Nichols 4 months ago

    Joe Rogan will be a better moderator than you, or any of the mainstream media hacks we will have.
    He’ll have real questions, for both candidates

  • Idiot Test 4 months ago

    Trump been known to do drugs for his show on TV they have witnessed white powder and it was not donuts!

  • CJCryer Buzz 4 months ago

    I’m sure he is spending that money on other campaign strategies. Like cheating like he’s never cheated in his life.
    Or most of it is offshore accounts.
    Like Bannon ripping off Dirty Donny supporters. And Donny didn’t even reprimand him. He doesn’t care if his buddies rip off his supporters. He’s already called them stupid.


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