Trump Says He Won’t Return to Twitter Even with Elon Musk in Charge: A Closer Look

Published on April 27, 2022

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  • NGCAstronerd 9 months ago

    Elon musk represents everything Trump never could be. Successful! No wonder he doesn’t like him.

    Oh…. and the guy is actually rich instead of just claiming to be.

  • Tony Stark 9 months ago

    Is it really a surprise Trump can’t even say “truth” y’all? 😂

  • Research vs Gaslighting 9 months ago

    Nunes is a human pasta machine when he smiles, it’s fantastic lasagna night!

  • monos70 9 months ago

    He doesn’t need to tell us he won’t return. Just don’t return, ever.

  • Pratik Mallya 9 months ago

    I love how Seth just goes with the flow. Even when the jokes don’t land he makes it entertaining

  • Rodrigo Trujillo 9 months ago

    The fact that Trumps platform doesn’t call it’s messages Truth-Bombs is reason enough for it to fail. The loss to racism, and overall evil is just gravy.

  • Dave Freckleton 9 months ago

    i love how leftist scared little children like seth myers are losing their minds about this .it just shows how insecure they are about theirown personal f***** up beliefs

  • JoMac 9 months ago

    I see Tesla lost $125 billion in market value since the Musk twitter announcement.

  • Dasi 9 months ago

    “You have a choice between a Unionized American Middle Class or an Oligarchy.” – Bernie Sanders.

  • ewart lyn 9 months ago

    You know he’s lying he’ll be back on and said he never said that he won’t go back on he’ll probably use a pseudo name

  • Global Warmhugs 9 months ago

    Correction… No, you CAIN’T.

  • B Rye 9 months ago

    I heard that Elon Musk said
    “That he is a real Billionaire,
    With his own Social media platform
    Trump is a just conman
    Selling a cheap knock-off”

    Start that rumor and Trump will never Tweet again, out of pure spite

  • Micky Lawless 9 months ago

    Point in fact, Keith Richards quit smoking cigarettes.

  • Jose Barrios 9 months ago

    He’s not used to saying the word “Truth”.

  • jerk fudgewater 9 months ago

    Is anyone surprised tRump doesn’t know what “truth” looks like? 🤔

  • seattlegrrlie 9 months ago

    Wait… Twitter is not profitable? Oh those execs are laughing all the way to the bank

  • Michael Kroft 9 months ago

    Calling Devin Nunes a Post-cog was money

  • D Bone 9 months ago

    Even if you aren’t on Twitter you have heard about it.

  • Space Force Commander 9 months ago

    Being banned from Twitter is a 24/7 torture for Trump. He can’t wait to be unbanned.

  • Julie Crandall 9 months ago

    Of course Trump won’t rejoin. He will only post on his own “Truth Social”


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