Trump Says COVID “Affects Virtually Nobody” As Death Toll Hits 200,000: A Closer Look

Published on September 23, 2020

Seth takes a closer look at Trump holding another packed rally after telling his supporters that virtually nobody is affected by a disease that has killed at least 200,000 Americans.

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  • Leslie Borregard 2 years ago

    *TRUMPVID-19* this virus virtually affects nobody; but the stupid Maga people!

  • mecongberlin 2 years ago

    Similar haircut and -color – M&M 😀😀🤠

  • cerveza virus 2 years ago

    So funny.

  • darkstar2874 2 years ago

    “We treat him like a guy handing out pamphlets at the subway” That’s definitely how I would put it, listening as little as possible and hoping for him to stop talking while my will to live still persists.

  • Billy Hoyle 2 years ago

    Apparently stupid spreads faster than Covid 19.

  • K1RTB 2 years ago

    Captain Darling 😂

  • Jenna Dawson 2 years ago

    That Marcie joke was niche and I appreciated it

  • Paula Keller 2 years ago

    I hope covid-19 affects stupidity, ignorance, ineptitude and liars. Melania calls Trump. Mr. Small or Dickhead or Con artist.

  • Dingles 2 years ago

    The true statistic on the number of ACTUAL deaths DIRECTLY caused by Covid-19 has been revised by the CDC. It is nothing like 200,000. It is less than 20,000. Shocked? You should be. The CDC has been forced to publish the truth, subsequent to investigations into the falsification of Death Certificates by criminal bureaucrats, who support the Democrat Party’s narrative. Note the text quoted from the CDC’s own records in the article linked to immediately below, which the MSM, Health Officials, Fauci and the CDC buried, their reasons for that explained in the second link further down:

    Anyone in any doubt as to what is really going on with Covid-19, with scientific data coming from supposed “authorities” and MSM’s complicit role in fudging EVERYTHING, then perhaps the American people should read this shocking exposé by a much-loved and very famous Democrat:

  • Tere A 2 years ago

    “Cough-a-thon” CLASSIC! bc 200,000 dead are “nobody” and their families – smdh #VoteHimOUT

  • Universal Web 2 years ago

    I’m tired of the Trump Administration saying my father’s death was meaningless and insignificant! I really want to swear right now.

  • Jay Flores 2 years ago

    the moon is following me, every time I turn around its there

  • Jamal Jenkins 2 years ago

    Jokes about the Trump marriage are really old and stale. And the fact is, she is a woman with resources. She’s not a victim of Trump. She is WITH Trump. There is absolutely no reason to suggest that this isn’t by choice.

  • MisterScrambles 2 years ago

    i mean hes not wrong…the problem is his followers who have no idea what “virtually” means lmao

  • jaspr1999 2 years ago

    Virtually, nobody? Okay… Three of my friends have died from it, my CNA caught it in March and she recovered but it was miserable for her, but she could have gotten me or my wife sick. One friend got out of the hospital a few days ago with a scarred up kidney and screwed up her heart which she didn’t have before. Virtually, nobody. The age range of the folks that have recovered is 23 to 60, the age range of those who died is 30 to 53. These are just people I know here in Texas. Everythings big in Texas… Including stupidity, it seems.

  • Vivian Stimpson 2 years ago

    donald darling, they’re super spreaders not rallies, and no I didn’t see it.

  • Barbara Mulvaney 2 years ago

    Melania calls him “Asshole” ! 💩😈💩 He better end up paying for all he’s done with life in prison. We need to reinstate hard labor. Now.

  • Dean Kaprolet 2 years ago

    This is America 75% of our country has some kind of pre-existing condition or is generally unhealthy

  • Lion Man 2 years ago

    His base are THE STUPIDEST people on the planet. Not even joking.

  • John Nash 2 years ago

    To be honest, I like all the rubbing tugging and sweating it those rallies. The more Trumpers get sick and die the truth might sink in.


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