Trump Rips Off White House Photographer, Sarah Palin Runs for Congress & Jimmy’s Freaky Friday

Published on April 4, 2022

Jimmy is back from New York after swapping shows with Jimmy Fallon for April Fools’ Day, he reads some tweets from people who were watching at home, thousands of flights were canceled over the weekend wreaking havoc on plans for Spring Break, the stars of music were out at the Grammys where Ukrainian President Zelensky made an appearance on the show, Judge Ketanji Brown should be confirmed to the Supreme Court by the end of the week and the Republicans are out to paint her as soft on crime and irreparably “woke,” meanwhile his MAGA-sty Donald Trump asked his White House photographer to hold off on her photobook project and then took her photos and published them himself, Trump made a big endorsement of Sarah Palin who is running for Congress in a special election, rally-goers in Washington Township Michigan are all fired up for their fearless misleader, and we go behind the scenes of our big April Fools’ Day Prank with Jimmy Fallon.


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  • John DeMarco 12 months ago

    Oh, boy, Here we go…Jimmy’s ratings are at an all time low, he’s gonna start on the Trump-bashing mission again because it’s the only material he’s got, and, that sucks too…lol

  • Rorri Maesu 12 months ago

    *Imagine the progress humanity will make after we officially learn what a man & woman are.*

    *Until then we can’t focus on real issues like automating labor, sharing the planet & abolishing money.*

  • Torq Zebrawoody 12 months ago

    Wow. The Trumpers really put an extraordinary amount of thought into their Fantasy.

  • Overlord P. 12 months ago

    He needs the money

  • Kristina Kar1na 12 months ago

    “diseminate” dissent…. not eliminate dissent… but then, I’m just a gazpacho grammar Naz*…

  • Liberal in Oklahoma 12 months ago

    Republicans’ definition of a woman,
    A second- class citizen, weak minded, kitchen dwelling baby factory.

  • 13loodyDove 12 months ago

    I really don’t like Jimmy Fallon. I’ve never really found him very funny.

  • Barbara Chandler 12 months ago

    A very funny April Fools day, it caused me to yell at Alexa. “I asked you to put it on ABC, WILL YOU NEVER LEARN?”

  • cmiley1357 12 months ago

    Next year i need James Corden to go by Jimmy for the day too

  • Audberto Velez 12 months ago

    love love you guyssssss!!!! lol

  • Joy McGuire 12 months ago

    I hate Fallon and his phoniness. Never do that again, Jimmy Kimmel!

  • Jesuschristpose 12 months ago

    That just what America needs is another “Karen” in Congress.

  • Peter S. Nalitolela 12 months ago

    Sure some of these Trump fans cannot be for real. They must be trolling for sure

  • Deckzwabber 12 months ago

    Could this photo book be the big steal which the maga crowd was warning us about all along?

  • FLASH ABC 12 months ago

    How do you pronounce Trumps name = 2 TIME IMPEACHED ONE TIME LOSER

  • Ireland Lynn 12 months ago

    Love Jimmy. Hate Marsha Blackburn. BUT.. a woman is an adult human female. It’s not rocket science. It’s biology 101.

  • Tino Rivas 12 months ago

    People in this comments section need to wake up. It’s these democrats that will spiral our beautiful nation into a socialist unlawful dystopia.

  • Mike Oconnell 12 months ago

    I see your views are slowly declining. Think you have a hard on for Trump, Kimmel.


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