Trump Returns from Vietnam Amid Cohen Fallout: A Closer Look

Published on February 28, 2019

Seth takes a closer look at President Trump’s summit with Kim Jong-un and the fallout from Michael Cohen’s congressional testimony.

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  • dudebladeX 2 years ago

    “There is no information.”

    So what does trump have to worry about?

    Maybe the fact that there *_IS_* information?

    Can ‘t wait for that orange dictator to suffer.

  • Nektar RnB 2 years ago

    Why is it that they call Kim the “north corean dictator” and not Donald the “american liar”?????????

  • M. Ivy Luna 2 years ago


    If your a businessman you need to be able to give normal handshakes…. thats just…. needed

  • William Dearbourn 2 years ago

    Need a copy of that mix tape!

  • 4 Dub 2 years ago

    How many women has Mr. Trump paid off?

  • Catherine kibugi 2 years ago

    Cohen has shown the true meaning of back stabber except his backstabbing is for a good good cause…..oh and by the Seth SIRI in Swahili means secret. …Big love❤❤❤ from Kenya

  • Ana 2 years ago

    So this SOB FAKE PREZ don’t know anything abt negotiations. You are prepared to leave a table when a commercial deal and not a diplomatic negotiation you SOB

  • Ryan Williams 2 years ago

    Ive’ been to VIetnam.

    I would bet 100 Dollars the bus horn wasn’t broken, the driver was honking on purpose. Very typical in Vietnam for bus drivers to honk all the time. Honking isn’t for warnings, it’s just saying, “hey, I’m here.” The Vietnamese have completely different ideas about how to go about driving. Road laws almost don’t exist.

  • Randy King 2 years ago

    I had to replay that hand shake so that I could laugh again. Looks like he’s begging for Kim friendship.

  • Harrison Ryden Rutledge 2 years ago

    Trump should NOT be praising Kim and the NK regime. All these meetings are for his ego and nothing more. Trump is a phony nationalist. Not even a real one. What a Fucktard.

  • JD 2 years ago


  • Auld Teuchter 2 years ago

    Why was Trumpy fondling his own crutch when he went for the handshake? I did that once and (rightfully) got slapped.

  • red Buoy 2 years ago

    A more symbolic exit from Vietnam would have been in a helicopter off the roof of the US embassy with Hannity and Kushner clinging to the rails.

  • Nick30468 2 years ago

    you know what the worst thing about trump is? he didn’t steal anything. He just told lies, insanely flimsy lies that anyone who cared at all could easily look up and refute. Painfully obvious lies…and yet, he still won the presidency. Sure, he did not have the majority of voters go for him, he did lose the popular vote, but he still had just about less than half. That is a lot of people who either a) ignored both candidates and just blindly voted based on him being red or b) actually fell for his lies. There is a serious lack of intelligence in our country among those who still pretend that this is a left versus right issue.

  • Jim Melton 2 years ago

    No one has commented that the orange baby made it back in time to get to the CPAC.

  • Vipin Anand 2 years ago

    kim could offer his double chin to mitch mcconnell dangling ball sack

  • jack 2 years ago

    KimDon Nuclear Summit:
    Kim Jung Un : I will denuclearize North Korea.
    Donald Trump: Mexico will pay for the wall.
    Two Pathological Liars meeting just to have a photo-op and waste the taxpayers money ?.I knew that Donald Trump timed the Nuclear Summit with Michael Cohen’s testimony.

  • Todd Foster 2 years ago

    In other words, Trumpty Dumpty threw another hissy fit, just like a whiny and petulant 3 year old.

  • Siren Hound 2 years ago

    Oh I see, the MEETING was with Kim Jong Un. I needed to hear a couple passes before I could be sure he wasn’t on the bus with the press pool.

  • Robert Bick 2 years ago

    Trump sounds like the Master Shake character from ATHF whenever he tries to misdirect people away from his own guilt.


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