Trump Retaliates Against Impeachment Witnesses as Rudy Digs Up Dirt in Ukraine: A Closer Look

Published on February 10, 2020

Seth takes a closer look at President Trump’s retaliation against impeachment witnesses as his attorney general works with Rudy Giuliani to keep digging up dirt on his political rivals.

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  • Blanco Diablo 8 months ago

    He needs to lay off the base. I can see his fat ass in front of the vanity every morning with his powder puff getting tips from Melania

  • Coy Hampton 8 months ago

    Trump spent all his money on magic face powder.

  • dls22000 8 months ago

    To be able to cut hair, you need to be trained, have a certificate and be licensed. Which takes about a year. To be president, well you already know.

  • Shiwan Mavaneh 8 months ago

    I’m telling Trump’s image looks that of a dictator, if you compare that orange tan face to other dictators.

  • forrest stump 8 months ago

    LOL. There is a reckoning that is coming. progressives are a cancer to the constitution and this nation.

  • redwolfcanisrufus 8 months ago

    Mitt Romney the only Republican with balls

  • Toby Bartels 8 months ago

    Retaliating against witnesses is a new crime right there. Exactly what you’d expect from a mafia boss. Susan Collins, has he learnt anything yet?

  • John Pearson 8 months ago


  • Drew Goodman 8 months ago

    I can easily explain all of the craziness in the Republican party. TRUMP HAS ACCESS TO THE NSA!! That’s why they all do whatever he says. Imagine Lindsey Graham’s internet history! Lol

  • jasyn zangari 8 months ago

    No he’s firing leakers from within his cabinet like any person would do….another struggling show needing trump to stay relevant

  • Tyco Bandit 8 months ago

    judge jeanine… If she keeps going off like that she’s gonna fart on air one of these days. Those studio mics are sensitive.

  • brazilnuts1 8 months ago

    Stop with the personal attacks. It is lazy and not funny.

  • Jim Z 8 months ago

    Good luck the USA. Welcome to the United Stupidity of Authoritarians. Audience still laughs now. Hopefully they will laugh in December 2020.

  • Steve Carrigan 8 months ago

    Unbelievable that such a stupid broad is a real life judge. Talk about a serious mistake!

  • Allan Hegyes 8 months ago

    The decision of the 9th circuit ruled only on standing, not on the merits of the case, so….

  • Flying Fox 8 months ago

    Night of the Long Knives. Look it up people.

  • MetroidGT 8 months ago

    It would be SWEET if Bernie wins the election and hires both brothers back! 🙂

  • jeff mcgowan 8 months ago

    trump boots the back stabber out.. trump kicks ass

  • Paul Thompkins 8 months ago

    She must be stupid. 90% of Americans are happy with their lives?! That FOX NEWS Loon is a the one that’s STUPID!!!!

  • JG 46 8 months ago

    Not the first time 30% of the Americans were on the wrong side of history .. they are stronger today and the government is on their side – but they will lose again. Righteousness will win..


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