Trump Releases Damning Ukraine Memo Amid Impeachment Inquiry: A Closer Look

Published on September 25, 2019

Seth takes a closer look at the damning memo from President Trump’s call with the leader of Ukraine and the House opening a formal impeachment inquiry.

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  • JVee. Kingston 1 year ago

    Trump is only going after joe biden because Biden’s poll numbers is way decent, than traitor trump shithole poll numbers, it’s all jealous and envy.

  • BakaBule 1 year ago

    There is no way hes dumb enough to release a call talking about.. and here is that call

  • Sol Maimon 1 year ago

    I love trump but this awesome

  • uncletigger 1 year ago

    But you can not conduct the impeachment because no matter what, the reptiles won’t allow it. It is just plays into his hands.

  • tosin adejumo 1 year ago

    not an american,,,,,,,lol in the time of trump it’s good not to be one

  • Christine Still 1 year ago

    Impeachment would bring out voters who watch this & were too young to vote last time!

  • Frank Holguín 1 year ago

    Oh God. Thanks to Trump these are the funniest and scariest times at the same time

  • Doug Lei 1 year ago

    I wonder what political favors Giuliani did for Trump when he was mayor of NY…

  • Joshua Hathaway 1 year ago

    All this is a bunch of s*** talking Trump will be president forever hahaha hahaha blah blahh blah blah blah hahahaTrans theybeezes

  • Parag Rane 1 year ago

    Read the transcript he talked about Crowdstrike, not about Biden after they spoke about military aid. Rudy fucks up but regardless of that, ofc he is a butt of the joke at the democratic house meeting. That is what bubbles and echo-chambers are.

  • Emsley Wyatt 1 year ago

    Cheeto Corleone.

  • Bill Campbell 1 year ago

    You all look like fools now. Trump 2020

  • Justin Douthett 1 year ago

    I dislike Trump as much as everyone else, but you people have got to think. YOU DO NOT WANT TRUMP IMPEACHED.

  • Paul McManus 1 year ago

    Trump in 20/20 vision of Ugly.

  • A.I 1 year ago

    One America News Network…Former CIA Officer says Biden Blackmailed Ukraine
    and that Trump did exactly what he is REQUIRED to do…LOL..BOOM!!!

  • Mr G 1 year ago

    Cohen is right he speaks in code, Trump tries not to be direct in his silly speaches

  • Jimmy Bolin 1 year ago

    Seth is a idiot

  • Nikki Dierolf-Ackerman 1 year ago

    Trump, will go down in history as the biggest mistake this country ever made. Let’s all hope his base gets a lot smarter this time around. Though, most have shown no signs of that as of yet.

  • Xtoriez Novel 1 year ago

    The democrats are still upset they couldn’t “make history” with the first woman president, so they have been making stuff up all along and taking things out of context. First it was Russians hacked our machines, which can’t be hacked. Then it was Russians ran Facebook ads, as did all the other candidates that failed. Then it was Trump’s a racist even though all races, creeds, colors and sexes are welcome in his hotels and casinos. The democrats are grasping at straws.

  • Lil Vik_ki 1 year ago

    Seth Meyers you should have more respect …..


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