Trump Quit the Actors Union: Who Cares!

Published on February 5, 2021

Come on a journey with us. James Corden kicks off the show with a preview of the big game with Reggie Watts, and the two provide analysis we promise you won’t find anywhere else. After, James looks at the headlines, including President Joe Biden heading to a modified version of the National Prayer Breakfast, and former president Donald Trump penning a letter to the Screen Actors Guild to let them know he quit (before he was set to be removed). And James wonders how much longer we’re in this.

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  • Anandan Kannoosamy 10 months ago

    What work did he do breastfeed playing golf? Work! He shirked EVERY RESPONSIBLE thing that be to be done!! 🐴

  • Dregoth Dread 10 months ago

    Netherlands here, obviously the mouthpiece is swapped for every person. But hey, you keep putting cotton sticks in your brain and throat lolz

    Seriously we should be very happy with this development:)

  • LeNa 10 months ago

    The Drumpf been in a Union?…..
    and the Screen Actors GUILD….. LoL Good riddens!
    Thnx, still giggling, …the images….. My cartoonish mind thanks you <3
    "Who Cares!"

  • Ocean Rock 10 months ago

    Silverlake Reservoir is beautiful

  • M Bot5 10 months ago

    The false familiar famous indonesia acly drum because supply demographically race up a thoughtless cub. impartial, stiff vise

  • Julius Brown 10 months ago

    Mushroom house real life Mario

  • Claudia Martin 10 months ago

    Love show. But where is Ian?

  • spornge 10 months ago

    I know they are mocking it but mushroom brick is really cool

  • alvin singh 10 months ago

    I’m going to be honest here. When he said when we going back to normal, I cried. I miss normal. When they said, maybe next year jan, that kinda hit me. Man, I’m so depressed staying home with no job. Its very hard. I’m that guy its hard to break, but 450,000 people died and people don’t care, and we do our part, staying home, washing and wiping our grocery. Its sad. Very sad. But waiting for 2022 , man, I don’t blame people ending their life. Suicide is all time high, mostly with kids. Good luck guys, be safe and also love each other. You don’t know when the last time u gonna see them. 🙁

  • kevin attinasi 10 months ago

    I want Craig Ferguson back what’s this crappy monologue

  • Chan Caminos 10 months ago

    Sir Corden adding more impromptu jokes, I’m loving it

  • Blooming Recklessly 10 months ago

    I guess I’m so isolated that hearing people having a conversation together in person now is entertaining.

  • Defne Bozkurt 10 months ago

    what is this show for? no content whatsoever. and no form either

  • mrglasecki 10 months ago

    Unfortunately time folk’s get educated and realize the unavoidable lung damage from SARS-CoV2 will be about when cases go down (year’ish 12-18 months)
    Virtual (zoom) audience’s be all sports and entertainment will have

  • MM Bo Ivin 10 months ago

    Where’s Ian

  • Itchy Kluntjes 10 months ago

    you do

  • Laura Watters 10 months ago

    I love everyone on this show the cast and the crew wow everyone is hilarious, I laugh all the way through!! 😆😆😆🤪🤪♥️♥️♥️♥️✌✌✌

  • Leslie Viljoen 10 months ago

    Reggie Watts is the main reason I watch this show.

  • Russell Sharpley 10 months ago

    Must be lovely for America to have a grown up as a President

  • Derek Miller 10 months ago

    ❤President Trump.


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