Trump Questions Why Dr. Fauci Has a Higher Approval Rating

Published on July 30, 2020

Seth Meyers’ monologue from Wednesday, July 29.

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  • Alan Heath 6 months ago

    Perhaps Trump could make Dr Fauci his running mate for 2020?

  • Holly York 6 months ago

    BERNIE… I miss you, Bernie! 😢

  • cocosongo1 6 months ago

    tRump was is & will remain an idiot and the biggest disgrace to America

  • Malte Christensen 6 months ago

    Time to memorise how a 24 hour clock works?

  • Joe Badiak 6 months ago

    Time to rename covid to the Trump virus.

  • Hamed Mostafa 6 months ago

    Because he is a doctor and moeny and military proven that healthcare is higher ranck whether u like it or not and education too idiot se the qoute of shack mohamed of dubai at the bigining of the chrices

  • Robert Cringle 6 months ago

    Trump would not be the jock. He’d be the rich kid who pays others to do his work for him.

  • Craig Lewis 6 months ago

    About time us short guys came out in front.👍👍👍👍

  • Paula Keller 6 months ago

    People trust more Dr. Fauci because he doesn’t lie. Tells the facts and is trying to save lives. Trump is doing the opposite.

  • J YC 6 months ago

    This Yale professor Dr Harvey Risch discovered the great benefit of hydroxychloroquine in treating cov19.  He said at least two doctors are being punished for saving lives with these medicines. They are suppressing this useful drug. Trump has said it works for him. This is reported in Newsweek. See his Dr Risch interview

  • Trevor 6 months ago

    Trumps letting Covid take the wheel

  • Mark Shepard 6 months ago

    NAILED the monologue today!

  • russell campbell 6 months ago

    Saw a frightening doco on Vlad yesterday. To put him up against Donnie would have to be the greatest mismatch in history.

  • satrajit santra 6 months ago

    Drumpf is stupid.

  • Beatle Mania 6 months ago

    If he has more than two brain cells, he would know that complaining and caring about approval ratings during a global pandemic that his administration botched the response to will tank those precious ratings that he cares about so much even further.

  • Richie Rich 6 months ago

    Traitor barr don’t give a $hit.
    The Blind will follow trump and the 1% owned republican senate, they will allow their false messiah to do whatever he wants as long as they are allowed to steal everything. Remember how all the 1% republican puppets have said that it would be the democrats that would have Blackhawks overhead, and the military on the streets. Now Texas hospitals are starting up their “Republican Death Panels.” As they stated, they can no long provide service to all the Covid-19 patients, so the very weak, old and poor must be turned away. As far as voting goes it is too late and if the 1% have their way, there’ll be no more voting! So you peasants have to start dying faster, your false messiah needs his excuse. If you want to understand, why you need to step out of your cattle dumb…​
    Wasn’t it one of trump’s mentor that said, the Free Press was the enemy of the state and that his political opponents were the enemy of the people. And that he was the only one that could save them from those radical liberals, their fellow Germans. Then the 1930’s con-artist did all the evils he spoke of others. Now that your false messiah trump has started his distraction, to ensure his criminal trump family will not go to jail. As they understand that if they give up power they will be open to prosecution. So as soon as the 1% get rid of that pesky voting right…
    As the 1% filth of man, from this point on we’ll called them by their true name, Gentiles. The Gentiles now are in control, they own the senate, white house and the supreme court. Remember it has nothing to do with your right wing religious B.S. or your conservative ideas. Our Democracy is on the verge of Death, corporations are now “We The People” and money is “Free Speech.” Now the Gentiles will use this covid-19 and the peasant uprising as cause for their Reality TV Idol god drumpf to use his undisputed power as President, to declare martial law and suspend elections. Remember what trump’s “Kept My Undies On” oj lawyer dershowitz said at his Impeachment Trial, if he believes his election is in the best interest of the country then he can do whatever he wants. Be assured that moscow 🐢 mitch and their purchased, installed perverted corporate friendly judges. You know like the “lying under oath,” Boofing and Devil’s Triangle, frat boy Kavanaugh, they will back their masters’ orange puppet. Listen to your false messiah’s own words…
    Anyways, your owners don’t care if because of this virus some of their human livestock die off. Their markets will recover and the herds of human livestock will be younger and stronger. Ensuring future profits for their children’s 1% future. Now get your lazy A$$es back to work and Buy, Buy, Buy, support your masters’ Beast System… Daddy 🤑 Needs A New Yacht! 🚢

  • Sari Koske 6 months ago

    Yes!!! No Sea Captain!!!

  • Ardent Valor 6 months ago

    Has that simp Faucci ever been to Epstein Island with his buddy Shill Gates? Just wondering because I could totally see that demon all gimped out in vinyl.


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