Trump Primes the Riot Pump, Tucker Puckers Up to Kanye & Herschel’s Story Gets Worse

Published on October 10, 2022

Today is the most controversial federal holiday of them all – Columbus Day, Donald Trump took to Truth social to show his support, the Justice Department believes that Trump may still be hiding classified documents, Donald made a stop in Mesa, Arizona to argue that other Presidents did similar things with their documents, Sarah Palin headlined a get out the vote rally in Anchorage where the opener was a James Brown impersonator, Herschel Walker’s Senate campaign has now been recategorized as an episode of the Maury Povich show, our future president Kanye West got locked out of his Twitter account on the heels of his exclusive sit down with Tucker Carlson, and Jimmy announces the return of the Jimmy Kimmel LA Bowl at SoFi Stadium on Saturday, December 17th. Get your tickets here:


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  • Juan Sanchez 1 year ago

    I am Mayan and thanks for remembering indiginas as humans

  • innocentrage1 1 year ago

    Columbus day was forgotten in 2003 when the sopranos released the only bad episode in the series called Columbus day. Also funny to see how quick the right forgot Kanye was the one who said “George Bush does not care about black people.”

  • C Jay Paz 1 year ago

    Even though Columbus was a p.o.s there’s more than just North America there’s South and Central as well

  • doltbezoar 1 year ago

    Totally hilarious – because it is factual.

  • alex 1 year ago

    Did he say sock draw?

  • Yiddish nerd 1 year ago

    So coronavirus is now somehow trumps fault????

  • Kim Allen 1 year ago

    Learned well from the most stupid x president just lie and lie and blame everyone else for your many shortcomings!

  • Musia Bobeshkin 1 year ago

    What a sheithead!

  • Nunya _ 1 year ago

    LOL 8:15 now that was worth a thumbs up!!! You go Jimmy.

  • Xcape 1 year ago

    I often wonder if Jimmy gets bribery money by those. I often wonder.

  • Jerry Clasby 1 year ago

    I agree Columbus sounds like Trump

  • R A 1 year ago

    Dude, kanye Is weird and awkward as hell. What’s up with the pubic hair on his face??? Lol

  • RJH 63 1 year ago

    And there goes my cheerleader fantasy!!


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