Trump Praises His KGBFF Putin While World Leaders Condemn Russia’s Attack on Ukraine

Published on February 24, 2022

Ukraine is under attack and Donald Trump continues to divide us as a nation by complimenting Vladimir Putin, he called into Laura Ingraham’s show to make it all about himself and say that it never would have happened if he were in charge, on Fox News they continue to talk about how tough Trump was when dealing with Putin, Tucker Carlson continues to churn out propaganda, CNN has been showing war footage but they also have commercials to run which sometimes results in unfortunate moments, and since most people don’t follow the news, we went out on the street and asked pedestrians passing by a very confusing question about Russia.


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  • playballdr 2 years ago

    hes in love with Kim Jong Un also

  • methedmann 2 years ago

    MAGA – Moscow Agent Governing America

    GOP – Guardians Of Putin

  • Dont Panic 2 years ago

    God this guy is more annoying then joe Biden

  • Emmanuel Gaviero 2 years ago

    Trump, the greatest A.H. From America!

  • Mais QCar 2 years ago

    you are becoming a weaker country every day! Commanded by an old and feeble president. They are more concerned with LGBTS agendas than with the armed forces themselves! Thanks to Biden’s weakness we saw the shame that was in Afghanistan, and now we will see another shame in the attempt to end an invasion by applying economic sanctions!

  • * Buck-Wild - * 4000 OcTaNe PriUs is Ma RiDe * x 2 years ago

    It’s even more disturbing when you realize that Trump is actually serious about the words that are coming out his rear-end

  • Jbird Ca 2 years ago

    Jimmy stay way from political views..we don’t care what you think.

  • Rick Sanchez Jr. 2 years ago

    Wtf are these geniuses talking about. He was obviously being sarcastic. Someone, please stop the mass media. We don’t need you or your brainwashing

  • MikeyG 2 years ago

    Trump was unpredictable and would have stopped this. Biden has dementia

  • Anthony Sanchez 2 years ago

    trump sounds like he’s calling on a payphone.

  • David Taylor 2 years ago

    It seems pretty sick to use this situation to try to bash Trump………………more……….time………….really?

  • ToxXxic Monk 2 years ago

    What bullshit is this ?

  • Louis V 2 years ago

    Right-e-o on Obama sadly lol

  • CatDaddy69 2 years ago

    How can I write for this show?!? Writers are so good!

  • My moose knuckle 2 years ago

    You Left leaners are pathetic. He didn’t praise Putin. You’re talking his comments out of context. You let Biden get a pass. You never hold the Dems accountable ever. This is on their shoulders and you just focus on Trump. We hold all you Lefties accountable for everything going wrong in the country. Thank God we’ll be back in control very soon and we can stop the madness of you idiots.

  • Hockey Goon 2 years ago

    Didn’t even watch this video but let me guess he talked about Trump the whole time right? Can I get a like if I’m right ? Just wanna see if his videos are as consistent as I remember because it’s been a while since I’ve watched him.

  • Keith Baldwin 2 years ago

    F*** your stupid show you stupid scumbag


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