Trump Praises “Demon Sperm” Doctor Who Pushed Hydroxychloroquine: A Closer Look

Published on July 29, 2020

Seth takes a closer look at President Trump and his allies in the right-wing media amplifying an unhinged viral video lying about the coronavirus.

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  • Tae Harte 2 weeks ago

    Just dump Trump

  • Christian Jackson 2 weeks ago

    Why wouldn’t HE as HE is a DEMON!!!

  • Bill Rafferty 2 weeks ago

    Love the new sign-off… outahear!

  • Fran Foca 2 weeks ago

    Delightfully degenerative 😂😂🤣🤪you’re killin me Seth

  • JustTrollingAlong 2 weeks ago

    The Sea Captain’s joke about the fishing pole had me laughing.
    Keep him around.

  • Debra Haley 2 weeks ago

    tRump only hires the best crazy people.

  • Ava Langrin 2 weeks ago

    Keep the sea captain. 😆

  • Sly K 2 weeks ago

    Haven’t watched this show in weeks because Seth Meyers isn’t funny or entertaining. I would rather watch Kimmel’s guest hosts flail than listen to another apathetic word from Seth Meyers.

  • Fred Midtgaard 2 weeks ago

    This long hair and lonely recording is so March… At least here in Europe.

  • Stressed dessertS 2 weeks ago

    Humanity has all the info in the world at their fingertips yet stupid people decide that the only people telling the truth are the ones that are the minority and the ones that merely re-enforce their already held beliefs.
    Social Media was a Pandora’s Box and we REALLY should have NOT opened it.

  • eliljeho 2 weeks ago

    Keep the Sea Captain!

  • death13a 2 weeks ago

    I heard that’s Trump’s left lung is a cure for Covid-19. So hurry up and get it while supplies last!

  • Sam Castilleja 2 weeks ago

    Awww…..Don jr holds notes just like his dad……..awwwww….

  • Camille A. Wint 2 weeks ago

    Plz keep the Sea Captain.

  • Whole Nuts And Donuts 2 weeks ago

    Dennis Miller and the church lady?! You made my night. 🙂

  • Louise Janney 2 weeks ago

    Hair blow out yea

  • Larry Frazier 2 weeks ago

    Gotta love that SixSixSix Sex lol

  • Steve Pearce 2 weeks ago

    Garrrrr I says yeeesss to the Olde Captain. Shiver me timbers hoist the main sail for a Trump free Sea !

  • MosesPlays 2 weeks ago

    He MUST BE making money out of Hydroxicloroquin.
    Otherwise , why else would he push it since the beginning of the pandemic?

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