Trump Plays Victim & Fox News Cries “Mob” | The Daily Show

Published on October 14, 2018

After Brett Kavanaugh’s controversial confirmation to the Supreme Court, Fox News gins up fear among their viewers by casting peaceful protests as violent, angry mobs.



  • Jack Emmerich 2 years ago

    I’ve never understood the people who complain about leftists complaining about everything.
    Republicans are always contradicting themselves.

  • Jarra Saidykhan 2 years ago

    wow. Fox news are not the real definition of fake news….. but solid propoganda.

  • ALT CONTROL DELETE 2 years ago

    I do remember when the right wing teaparty members were spitting in the face of Democrats and showing up with AR-15 at the white house,
    How quickly we forget.

  • Squid SQuiddly 2 years ago

    It’s crazy seeing this after the fox News following Trump Terrorist sent those bombs…

  • Lorna Nunez 2 years ago

    speak for yourself. if, Fuk News. knows the world is coming to a End. ill never know.

  • Richard Cianfrone 2 years ago

    This asswipe should be executed by the military tribunal for FAKE faggot NEWS ! War criminals like the Bush’s Clinton’s Obama’s Sanders ! Killing millions & fake news LIES LIES LIES LIES LIES. Right now you cocksucking AIDS cum drenched WHORES are having trillions of cancer cells exploding in your rotting carcasses.
    Hillary’s emails proof of satanic ritual abuse of children ! Piss on your fucking graves after the military tribunal executes you all.

  • Richard Cianfrone 2 years ago

    President Trump gets 100,000+ at his rallies & the Kenyon faggot less than one thousand ! Hillary’s rallies couldn’t fill a high school gym yet these demons crates imbecilic AIDS cum drenched WHORES say Moloch worshipping witch Hillary won the popular vote !???
    M.A.G.A. piss on demons crates and repugnant cants rhinos graves.

  • Karen Wilson 2 years ago

    Lol we kick them lol that was funny as hell.

  • Riliame Blum 2 years ago

    THAT is radical left?! My goodness, that country needs some proper radicals.

  • MrBarackClinton 2 years ago

    I don’t care if your left, right. Black, white. Gay or Alien… If your a no good some bitch… You can suck it! ?

  • Eric Claeyborn 2 years ago

    Fake News (CNN And MSNBC) and the Democrat Criminal Party leaders have created the atmosphere of hate…
    Mad Maxine with her “Get in the faces of Republicans and harass them wherever they go… even when they go to the restaurants or to the gas stations”.

    Crooked Hillary said, civility won’t begin until the Democrats take back Congress because the Republicans only recognize strength.

    It wasn’t a Republican that tried to shoot up the opposition party at a baseball practice, and nearly killed Senator Scalise…. and then on the following day, Crazy Nancy Pelosi started the war of words again.

    It was a Democrat supporting comedian that created a facsimile of Trump’s severed head and encouraged an assassination.

    It was a Democrat supporting actor that reminded his fans that it was a Democrat actor that assassinated a Republican president, as if he might assassinate Trump.

    Joe Biden said… he wanted to take Trump to the back of the wood shed and beat him up.

    Eric Holder tells supporters,”When they go low, we kick them…”… and then his supporters began yelling,”Fight, fight, fight…”

    CNN And MSNBC have also contributed to the hate by insulting black Americans (including Kanye West) for visiting President Trump at the White House. Today, Al Sharpton insulted an exuberant coup of young black Americans after they visited the President in the East Room of the White House, yesterday.

    A couple of days ago, Farrakhan raised his anti-Semitic rhetoric by saying,”I’m not anti-Semite, I’m anti-termite”.
    The Dems have always resorted to hate and violence when they feel power slipping through their fingers.

  • David Hatchell 2 years ago

    Democrats voted against the Jewish people in Israel and for support of their enemies.
    Democrats voted for the legal Right to murder helpless babies.
    This channel pulled my subscription earlier today for informing you of this and not agreeing with it being ok to encite violence against conservatives.

  • bigbaddawg101 2 years ago

    I made the same argument as Trevor. The same people that say liberals and democrats and weak PC snowflakes now say that liberals and democrats are violent mobs coming to attack you. You can’t have it both ways.

  • Fryal Dery 2 years ago

    Breaking news: fox news needs to chill ?

  • Da Shiznit 2 years ago

    Some people deserve to be kicked

  • Da Shiznit 2 years ago

    I’m really glad they’re afraid let’s keep it that way

  • Dubai Dreamer and life 2 years ago

    No one that I know watch’s fox anymore.

  • Da Shiznit 2 years ago

    All we want is the politicians of this country to live in fear for the rest of their lives is that too much to ask I hate politicians and I mean all of them doesn’t matter if they’re Democrat or Republican but I love people and I’m sorry if that’s a radical idea to you that I want people no matter what race, religion, gender, Etc to be able to walk out on the street without being harassed or killed by cops or allow major corporations to govern themselves when it comes to the environment because of capitalism and corporatization people die every day over simple things basic needs that we all have such as food, Water, Shelter, Healthcare, schooling, and livable wages but you’re right bro I’m the Nazi I’m the bad guy

  • Ronald Isabel 2 years ago

    Fuck senators.. The nation is ours not theirs

  • Roxann Watson 2 years ago

    Why is it, the government appointed president listens to anyone with negative info. Then when the media confronts his lies, he says “that’s what I heard, that’s what they told me.” The reporters ask who “they” are, yet never get an answer. So, who has been telling tRump (behind closed doors, over his unsucured private phone, or in a meeting room with many people feeding him BS?) this is unique? How does he think people get to our boarders? Plane, train, autos… Maybe boats? Once the boat stops, they… they what? disembark. WOW. That would be a grip of people. Women and children first, so if anyone falls behind the men can help, pick up a child, or be a crutch for an elder.


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