Trump Plans to Formally Announce His Presidential Campaign for 2024

Published on November 8, 2022

Seth Meyers’ monologue from Monday, November 7.

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  • mac curtis 11 months ago

    The moon turns blood red and Dr. Oz is eaten by the New Jersy Werewolf.

  • Ladybug211211 11 months ago

    CORRECTION: Sanctimonious is 5 syllables not 6.

  • S1L3NT G4M3R 11 months ago

    “Airplane Guy” – has too many syllables… he’d say “Jetboy”…. (he’s not that smart) – – LOL

  • Glnn Chrstphr 11 months ago

    Sanctimonious is an excellent nickname for DeSantis. If you saw his recent ad on television, he says basically that God created him specifically for Florida. I hate to give credit to Trump for anything bit he hit it right on the head with that one. Of course Trump himself is as Sanctimonious as anyone so……

  • Chris Whitley 11 months ago

    Probably looking for the deer.

  • Shaun Smith 11 months ago

    Not sure how Trump expects to campaign when he will be in prison for espionage. Lock him up and let the prison population have their way with him.

  • Robbie Mesler 11 months ago

    A red tsunami is coming to wash away the filth and make everything new again. The time of wallowing in your own excrement has expired.

  • Bobby Rare 11 months ago

    he’s clearly not rich then if he wants to be president. it’s a big red flag IMO.

    He’s trying to get away from the courts by having power. which he clearly doesn’t have if his solution is the most stressful job in the world.

    The job of leading a country, state or other type of land mass.

  • reddye6 11 months ago

    Ron DeSanctimonious, when Ron DeSuckThis is on its knees, begging to be used? Utterly useless.

  • RehanRC 11 months ago

    I don’t know what you changed with yourself or your writers, but you guys have been on fire this week with much better jokes than usual. Keep up the good work.

  • R Terry 11 months ago

    We are so fuc..ked !

  • marengo panthers 11 months ago

    how can that be?? i thought he was going to jail. damn this justice system.

  • Chris Snyder 11 months ago

    Trump wouldn’t announce before midterms, else the RNC would have stopped paying his legal fees. BUT even so, they won’t be paying for his defense for the document theft case.. for which legal fees are being paid for with his “Stop the Steal” leadership PAC/slush fund. Once he declares (IIUC) he’ll lose control of this and have to go by stricter rules for a Campaign PAC (not sure if the funds can be xferred… this after GOP megadonors have ignored him for over a year (he recently told them to stop giving money to DeSantis). It all comes down to money for him. Palin’s manager told her fans to “send in as much as possible before her BIG announcement tomorrow!” (one said she wouldn’t donate another dime until she knew if Barbie would run). Then Palin said she wouldn’t run the next day. I sense Don will say he won’t run because he can do more from outside the confines of an elected office (I also can’t see him trusting enough people to set up a full-blown presidential campaign team). We’ll know soon enough… I’ll be glad when this rabble-rousing blowhard is gone, though his stench will remain.

  • Cancun771 11 months ago

    I think Elon Musk will just turn off Twitter for the Midterms coup.
    You should have backup comms plans in place for that eventuality.

  • byngo11 11 months ago

    Sanctimonious is rather 4 or 5 syllables…

  • Keith Huggins 11 months ago

    Thumbs up for the JC Penney joke. Got a good chuckle out of that one.


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