Trump Planning to Issue 100 Pardons and Commutations

Published on January 19, 2021

Seth Meyers’ monologue from Monday, January 18.

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  • Mike in LA 12 months ago

    MLK: I did have a second dream

  • Zaroff's Trophy Room 12 months ago

    I hereby pardon…Tonald D. Jump. Great guy. They say he’s a misunderstood carny clown. Mr Jump is pardoned. Exonerated of all his many, many crimes. Oh no! I’ve written out My name! oh I guess we’ll have to go with that then. Such a shame. Sorry Mr Jump. Big Don gets a nice fat pardon instead. Suck it losers! Don wins!
    _Uh, you’ve actually just written it on the desk, sir…_

  • Anthony Anthony 12 months ago

    Politics aside, Seth Myers isn’t funny.

  • Obi Wan 12 months ago

    This is bullshit 1400 dollar checks what a joke , 2k is barely enough.   Please google modern monetary theory.   We have we enough wealth to give everyone 10 k checks.  Tax super wealthy print more money.   If we  cam spend money on the worthless military industry complex we can pay people to survive!!!

  • Essy Chilcutte 12 months ago

    Hot pockets you mean chunk stuffers

  • Ruby Cruz 12 months ago

    The sweltering centimeter phylogentically program because fear recurrently suspend modulo a tightfisted blowgun. sleepy, rigid coach

  • Kathy Osberg 12 months ago

    Love your show Seth

  • Space Force Commander, General ‘Stabled Genius' : 12 months ago

    Seems like the only person in Trump’s orbit that isn’t a criminal is Barron — that is assuming that Donald is close to Melania’s son, of course.

  • Joshua Wentz 12 months ago

    He has been impeached for high crimes but has yet to stand trial. If convicted, any actions he takes are unconstitutional, so how could anyone justify the legality of these pardons, which will probably include the insurrectionists and himself?

  • aohige 12 months ago

    To be fair, considering MLK’s era, I don’t think it would be hard for him to imagine thousands of White Supremacists storming the capital and FBI looking for them to arrest by the dozens. He may actually be surprised it took so many decades for it to happen.

  • Aaa bbb 12 months ago

    Lol, good friends with Jeffrey Epstein ,has a weird relationship with his daughter, thinks its funny to mock someone with a disability, dodged the draft with a fake injury. He wants a Military send off, this must be a joke.

  • Chris 12 months ago

    *Pardon Talks:*
    “Jeffrey Dahmer?”
    – Sorry mr President, he’s dead.
    “What about Charles Manson?”
    – No sir, he’s also dead,..
    “Ted Bundy?”
    – No, he has been executed already.
    “The Zodiac killer?”
    – We don’t know who that one is,..
    “What about Usama bin Laden then?”
    – No mr President, Obama had him killed,..
    “Fu%#in$ Obama!!!!”
    “What about those Blackwater Boys?,..”
    – Sure mr President, if you really want to,.. 😒

  • Red Pill 12 months ago

    Love 💘 & ✌ Peace from AntiFa (=AntiFascist).

  • The Cragol 12 months ago

    How can he do anything, when he is currently ‘impeached’? I’m quite sure that of I am suspended from my place of work, I’m not even allowed on the building!

  • Kalle 12 months ago

    Trump should make a real surprise and give a pardon to Seth Meyers.

  • Miss Understanding 12 months ago

    The MLK joke was priceless! 🤣

  • eveny119 12 months ago

    I would have hoped the impeachment process would nullify him getting away w/ this pardoning his buddies crap, guess not.

  • Sisi S 12 months ago

    Albert Einstein said: “Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity.”

  • Ganiscol 12 months ago

    And (his) folk are collecting fees for bringing the requests to his attention.

  • Eileen Healy 12 months ago

    The most are pedos


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