Trump Obsesses Over Hunter Biden and a Bin Laden Conspiracy | The Daily Social Distancing Show

Published on October 15, 2020

With three weeks until Election Day, any normal president would be focused on getting the coronavirus under control. Instead, Donald Trump is fixating on Hunter Biden, Burisma and a conspiracy theory claiming Barack Obama faked Osama bin Laden’s death. #DailyShow #TrevorNoah #Trump

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  • Aaron Carmody 2 years ago

    corona is not the top issue. we all know it’s a joke.

  • S Cole 2 years ago

    It’s all a hoax! Trump 2020!!!

  • Aaron Carmody 2 years ago

    oh and hunters lawyers called and emailed (because they are that stupid) the repair shop asking for the laptop back…. but it’s a crazy trump conspiracy? lol

  • Jim 2 years ago

    Trevor defends pedos. Nothing he says is funny or surprising. Terrible human.

  • stone bender 2 years ago

    No that really happened . This is just a failed comedians spin on it .

  • Raeez Liberty 2 years ago

    only South Africans fully understood when he said “joh joh joh joh”…😂😂

  • Jeff Phillips 2 years ago

    Trevor Noah, everyone favorite retarded Democratic Party activist wants to talk about nonsense while avoiding the hilarious content of the emails.

    And Trevor is telling you not to read the emails? Totally providing cover for Joe Biden.

  • Tiffany r 2 years ago

    Damn Trump still on Obama’s talk about sweating someone sheesh

  • Charles Angelo Sagad 2 years ago

    Why did I see that “surprise” coming?

  • Cosmic Charlie 2 years ago

    Is this the willfully ignorant channel? Or perhaps the refusal to see the truth channel? The Bidens are indeed a crime family. Selling out America to the Chinese.

  • M L 2 years ago

    Don’t kid yourself. Trump wants to keep the economy moving on. The draconian rules have already destroyed the economy on a massive scale. And the democrats do not wish to change this.
    Newly obtained emails from a Hunter Biden business partner lay out in detail how the Vice President’s son
    and his colleagues used their access to the Obama-Biden administration to arrange private meetings for
    potential foreign clients and investors at the highest levels in the White House.These never-before-revealed emails outline how a delegation of Chinese investors
    and Communist Party officials managed to secure a private, off-the-books meeting with then-Vice President Joe Biden.

  • Robbin Beimark 2 years ago

    Desperate times are fought with desperate methods.

  • Akpovi Oshevire 2 years ago

    trevor seriously this is the defence y’all are coming up with? an explosive information that has been out there for more than 72 hours before you responded, put out there by the newyork post, shut down illegally and suspiciously by twitter and facebook, never even mentioned to Mr joe biden by your fake reporters, just to even have the oppurtunity to deny it which obviously they cant and mr biden was being spoon-fed his cereal by his town hall hosts two nights ago while the information was out. America open your eyes these people (trevor , cnn , nbc , twitter and facebook) are honestly insulting the hell out of these democrats this is ridiculous. Zombies have more say in their decisions than these BIDEN followers have . my God !! they led you through a campaign of hate for 3 yrs and now thanks to the pandemic they have added fear. its absolutely agonizing for me seeing everything from the outside (because i’m African) and realizing how hollywood and the mainstream media has kept you in a bubble kinda like a guinea pig. dont surrender your country to these monsters oooo

  • satchelSCROLL 2 years ago

    Reecist Noah…

  • golfman91 2 years ago

    After all of trump and his family’s crimes, you think anybody cares about something with Biden’s son. Trump has set the bar so low, anything goes now lol.

  • Stephan Spelde 2 years ago

    This “Suprise” bit was the best Corona era late show joke so far!

  • Kelly Dauksch 2 years ago

    I’m not saying he isn’t dead. All I’m saying is you don’t Kill the WORLD’S most wanted man without evidence! WHERE’S THE EVIDENCE?

  • Micky Lee 2 years ago

    Literally the SAME campaign they ran against Hillary. Lmao. They have no new ideas.

  • Ramah Jones 2 years ago

    Um trevor been watching you for a while now low key your best obama impersonation

  • Adam Prekwas 2 years ago

    Wait….so he’s ok with big tech censoring factual news stories? Like posts about how masks aren’t effective with the CDC being cited? Or negative press towards their presidential candidate? Loser.


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