Trump Never Seemed Like a Guy Senator Al Franken Wanted to Know

Published on October 14, 2016

Minnesota Senator Al Franken tells Seth about his early encounters with Donald Trump, his relationship with Hillary and getting out the vote.

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  • Thomas Geschke 4 years ago

    I initially didn’t read the entire title. I thought it said, “Trump Never
    Seemed Like a Guy – Senator Al Franken.”

  • F Clarke 4 years ago

    You know what I did the last time I was in a locker room, I stared at the
    floor trying to avoid eye contact with the 60+ year olds walking about with
    their dicks out.

  • warpedjaffas1 4 years ago

    Al’s brings a wonderful and welcomed sense of humor to the political sphere
    for my money.

  • teddy boii 4 years ago

    these next 4 years will effect how the world works in a profound way..Obama
    was right he did bring change

  • Biggus Dickus 4 years ago

    I once dated my ex gf’s slutty friend just to rub it in her face. I was
    young stupid, angry, and was being a pure dick. I think that’s what’s
    happening between the Republican voters, GOP, and Trump. The sad thing is
    the GOP voters are adults who are acting like unreasonable, stupid

  • Jon Miller 4 years ago

    Am Franken is one of my absolute favorites. Stuart Saves His Family is a
    little known but hilarious movie I like to watch every five years or so. As
    teenagers when it came out my sister and I use a lot of references to it in
    conversation, at least with each other. I wish more people knew the movie
    so I could use the references more without all the concerned looks.

  • SCHWEPPES SMASH 7 4 years ago

    Please Seth, change the final image of your videos. Your eyes look so

  • Freddy Travale 4 years ago


  • Jack Marshall 4 years ago

    My great grandfather taught Franken English in high school, and said he had
    “toilet humor.” So Trump’s humor must be pretty bad for him not to like it
    haha. (Read heavy sarcasm because I hate Trump and love Al)

  • Aziraphale686 4 years ago

    How awesome would it have been if hillary had asked Franken to be her VP.
    Such a missed opportunity.

  • OcarinaLink24 4 years ago

    The thing about the senate is so important. Part of the reason nothing is
    getting done in this country is because of the leadership all being run by
    opposite parties. Everyone’s just kind of in a stalemate.

  • GodKingOsiris 4 years ago

    Jon Stewart and Al Franken 2020!!!!!!!!!

  • Bloop Bloop 4 years ago

    this is a senator? riveting story

  • Stephanie Persin 4 years ago

    Everybody has to get out and vote so that Trump has absolutely no chance to
    win. Polls are usually located very near you.

  • JCoMoto 4 years ago

    he can’t say it’s locker room talk because he wasn’t in the locker room he
    was at work. disrespectful trump

  • Kurt H 4 years ago

    As others have said, Trump’s excuse isn’t an insult to women. It’s an
    insult to men, to equate his behavior as “normal”.

    Everything else Trump does is an insult to women.

  • Bill Burki 4 years ago

    Thumbs up, for Senator Al Franken!

  • 777scubadiver 4 years ago

    Both Seth and Franken were on SNL. Were they on at the same time? Or, had
    Franken already left, (at which point Tina Fey was promoted to head

  • Hugh Llewellyn 4 years ago

    Man I miss seeing Franken all the time. I’ve been a fan since the old SNL
    days. It was good to see Al & Seth together. I want more!
    The comb-over story slayed me. :D

  • James Harris 4 years ago

    Would Minnesota agree to part with Al if Hillary nominated him to the
    Supreme Court to replace Scalia? Imagine what he would do for their
    ratings… :-)


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