Trump: My Rhetoric Brings People Together

Published on August 8, 2019

What the world needs now… Is probably a whole lot less of President Trump’s attempts to “bring people together.” #Colbert #LSSC #ColdOpens

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  • gary singh 11 months ago

    One who hates Trump, but can’t get enough of him? Democrats don’t care its tax payer $, cut congress salary tone will change over night. Only president Trump is not for sale.

  • R Mill 11 months ago

    I mean his rhetoric did unite people. It spewed this gooey hate into the nation that people are uniting to destroy. His rhetoric causes some mass shootings in return make the people in the community unite.

  • J 11 months ago

    The way I see it, Trump is bringing out these people from the shadows. We should take this opportunity to highlight the cancers of society.

  • James Denny 11 months ago

    Trumps rhetoric do unite people….the right wing n alt right

  • Tots Mini 11 months ago

    Yeeaah, Just like ~ Oil & Water 🙂 – How doesn’t he get EMBARRASSED to Open his pie-hole? – What sorrowful example of an alleged “Thinking-human”!!!

  • Mark Green 11 months ago

    He’s also “the least racist person in the world” apparently.

  • David J 11 months ago

    Yes, Trump’s rhetoric brings people together, like a cross burning brings klan members together.?

  • La Fière Chienne 11 months ago

    People like the KKK,white supremacist,and hatful “prolife christians”.

  • Dorene McMahon Hardy 11 months ago

    All you’ll ever get is Doublespeak from D.T.

  • 森田. Morita淳一郎 Junichiro 11 months ago

    Prime Minister of Japan who has no mind to think about the worldDangerous 4 years?

  • Pat Gallagher 11 months ago

    Vile man ,complete moron ,and the people around him just let him carry on ,I wouldn’t work with this man if I never had a job disgusting ,does he not remember this kind of talk caused world wars ,someone needs to get shut of him as soon as !

  • Kevin Holsinger 11 months ago

    “I write the songs that make the whoooooole world siiiiiing….”

  • Kurt Beck 11 months ago

    Yes, Trump’s rhetoric is bringing people together. Most people despise his despicable personality and politics.

  • Ive Peters 11 months ago

    Simply Delusional

  • Nx Doyle 11 months ago

    This president is not just unfit for office, he’s unfit to be classified as a human. It is blindingly obvious that when it comes to meanness of spirit, he is the meanest, when it comes to competence, honesty, candor, curiosity, stoicism, leadership, intellect, equanimity, or any other quality you wish to name, he is the least of us. A thoroughly poor example of our species.

    Yet, nearly three years into his presidency, every single day replete with examples of his fundamental unsuitability for _any_ public office, much less the presidency, he would have you believe that the hatred and fucking stupidity that gushes from him is worthy, not just of your vote or your continued support, but of your adoration.

  • Swampy 11 months ago

    Well then, try not using BS and hate for ‘glue’.

  • Francisco Zubia 11 months ago

    ya ir brings the KKK together

  • Tlot Pwist 11 months ago

    Yes, he brings people to other people to shoot them down

  • Space-Cadet David 'Spanky Bonespurs' Dennison : 11 months ago

    So does a sexually-transmitted disease bringing people together at a clinic!

  • Hexenkind1 11 months ago

    How delusional can one man be? It is beyond my wildest dreams how he can think that. And yeah, I am afraid he really thinks that. It is trump after all.


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