Trump Met With Kim Jong-Un… Now What?

Published on June 12, 2018

Donald Trump sees a bright future for Kim Jong-un and North Korea… in hotel real estate.


  • Muhannad Ajjan 1 week ago

    Now we dig and hide.

  • Mike Prass Collins 1 week ago

    Alpha Male Hand Battle!

  • Adelaide Fox 1 week ago

    Trump Tower 2; This time it’s… in North Korea?

  • Lazy I Ranch 1 week ago

    I don’t believe he ate a vegetable!

  • Michelle Dai 1 week ago

    This crap keeps me awake at night, but late night hosts make it better to stomach.

  • Heracross X 1 week ago

    Holy shit. Trump actually ate something remotely exotic? Talk about news! (Also there was that denuclearization summit in Singapore in which he gave significantly more than he got, but TRUMP ATE A VEGETABLE!)

  • Maahin Ahmed 1 week ago

    I know a little bit of Korean and the translator didn’t mention ‘thin’ lmao. She said “he asked them to take the pictures to come out good-looking and beautiful”

  • Santiago Balestrini Robinson 1 week ago

    Kim’s look would not be out of place in an episode of The Office

  • Mira Stone 1 week ago

    On the bright side of things, it could’ve gone worse…. I mean, we’re not dead yet.

  • Naftul Zvi 1 week ago

    Fake news, cucumbers are a fruit, so Trump’s vegetable streak is still ongoing.

  • Sree Chan 1 week ago

    Damn! this intern is really good at his job uploading videos asap

  • Berke Beidler 1 week ago

    I’m surprised Trump didn’t include opening a Pyongyang McDonalds location in that document

  • TheHua89 1 week ago

    Hurry up Mueller!!!

  • Total Control 871 1 week ago

    Trump said Kim loves all of his people. you know all of his citizens that are infested with tapeworms.

  • 19thHour 1 week ago

    “I haven’t slept in 25 hours”
    Just like me when I’m grossly unprepared for a test

  • Sebastian Elytron 1 week ago

    This is history folks… we all lived to see a real life rendition of Dumb And Dumber

  • NammaN the JOAMON 1 week ago

    The translator left out the word, “thin”. She only said “Handsome and beautiful…” However, I think he understands English.

  • camelshit 1 week ago

    trump heaping praises on kim :
    “He loves his people.” and “His country does love him. His people, you see the fervor. They have a great fervor.”
    AAAAaaaaaaaarrrrghhhhh! It gives me the chills, and I’m not even living in the USA..
    This does not bode well for you, Americans. Now you know trump’s definition of ‘ love ‘ .

  • Ilena Starbreeze 1 week ago

    …. did he say he will lie and make up an excuse …. on tv …?

  • KingOfMadCows 1 week ago

    We got nothing concrete, like the foundation of any Trump building.


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