Trump Melts Down Over “Stolen” Election

Published on November 10, 2020

People took to the streets across the country to celebrate Joe Biden & Kamala Harris winning the election, our first ever edition of Drunk Kamala Harris, Trump refuses to accept that he lost and claims the election was stolen from him, we put together some past concession speeches to give Trump some inspiration, a Trump Voter Fraud hotline received many prank calls which we very much discourage… (888) 503-3526, Rudy Giuliani gave a speech at the Four Seasons Total Landscaping, Pfizer announced that they are making great progress on a vaccine, Ben Carson & Mark Meadows have COVID, and the Trump Lies Commemorative Plate Collection!

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  • Aniket Sharma 11 months ago

    Man.. I am in India… But wish I could be a part of that partyyyy!!!

  • Ashton. F 11 months ago

    Cant wait for new southpark

  • Dante The Devil 11 months ago

    Jimmy in a *crop top* 😂
    That’s hilarious .

  • Roberto Hernandez 11 months ago

    They can’t dance to the Dons Song 😤

  • Sweety Mohanta 11 months ago

    Oh my God I loved drunk Kamala Harris 🤣

  • Fifi Lala 11 months ago

    Donald Trump concession speech:

    Bing.. bing.. bing… bong… bong… bing… bong.

  • KayDee 11 months ago

    That slimy yellervangelist has a huge head

  • Amanda Nicole 11 months ago

    The inauguration is gunna be awkward

  • Waffle Boi 11 months ago

    that preacher guy is batshit crazy. the weird part is, he is a millionaire

  • Sidilicious 11 months ago

    That was some dysfunctional laughter.

  • Stephanie Griffith 11 months ago

    What the hell is going on with that pastor he is laughing as if he is possessed by a demon. Never saw anything like it.

  • Daniel Soden 11 months ago

    Thank God there are no Republicans in heaven.

  • riplstrip 11 months ago

    Kenny just wants Trump to deliver his new Private Jet. “Can’t be sitting with those Demons on a Commercial flight, Gotta have that $20,000,000 jet so we can pray to God in Private”. Some of the American people are the most gullible I have met, though they have seemed to wake up during the Trump crisis. Good Luck to you all.

  • THE VOICE OF REASON Fruzzel 11 months ago

    Your crowds were good,our crowds were better. Go Biden

  • Kallen868 11 months ago

    UnHappy Gilmore! 😆

  • samspumpkin 11 months ago

    Also- you wanna see a REAL legit stupid Commercial ???? Search the “Trump Bear!!”
    Not even kidding- YT it!
    I couldn’t believe it either!!!🤣🤣🤣

  • Vansion Living 11 months ago

    Love seeing America happy again. 🌺

  • Rod Hill 11 months ago

    How will Jimmy go if Trumps challenge to the courts is successful?

  • AY Blackie 11 months ago

    We have all played with that rich kid who cries and throws tantrums when he loses, … but we all have to kiss his @ss and let him win otherwise he will catch his ball and go home.


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