Trump Meets Kim Jong-un: A Closer Look

Published on June 12, 2018

Seth takes a closer look at the historic meeting between President Trump and North Korea’s Kim Jong-un.


  • That1Valentian 11 months ago

    Next Week On the Celebrity Apprentice…

    Kim Jong Un attempts peace? Will it last? Or will he be FIRED?!

  • Ryan Smith 11 months ago

    Tell your President to settle down, please and thanks. – Canada

  • Jim's videos 11 months ago

    Trump got hopelessly outwitted by a far more capable enemy.

  • UnFunded Opportunities 11 months ago

    A meeting of two dictators. The outcome of that meeting was already decided ahead of time. Trump just went through the motions. He doesn’t even really know what he signed.

  • Heracross X 11 months ago

    Sorry, but until North Korea actually denuclearizes and proves that it has good intentions toward the world (Without Trump screwing up), I’ll put off jumping for joy until these criteria are met.

  • Tippi B 11 months ago

    This just made me realize the thing I found familiar about John Mulaney’s voice is that he sounds like an old timey news reel narrator.

    Also: boo, Trump

  • Red Woods 11 months ago


  • Cancun771 11 months ago

    Kim went to school in Switzerland, so Singapore it is definitely *not* the furthest he has ever travelled.

  • Harry 11 months ago

    Let’s get our fact straight.
    This summit, as historic as it was, literally did nothing. Kim did not actually “pledge” anything that was binding.
    The Orange Tw@t literally had no part in this summit other than to show up, shake hands, sign documents and b!tch about Trudeau. In fact, he almost jeopardized it about a week ago. (I love how people forget that about a year ago we almost had to go to war with NK and just a few weeks ago, he tried to call this off because his feelings were hurt)
    Do I wish this would work out? Obviously! *BUT* we’re talking about the two most fickle tw!ts in the Universe who can change their minds in a second.

  • Shadi 11 months ago

    Love the old-timey news reel.

  • Courtney Herz Art and Illustration 11 months ago

    When you’re laughing, but then you realize it’s real and you’re kiiiind of frightened. LOL.

  • aprilwearsgucci❤💋 11 months ago

    Imagine President Obama saying that a brutal dictator was smart and talented. The right wing media, Fox News, and Hannity head would exploded.

  • brainflash1 11 months ago

    I’m not surprised Trump told a great fucking joke, the man himself is a great fucking joke. Terrible yes, but still great.

  • Michelle Anya 11 months ago

    Touch and feel…I see. Getting poo all over his nose kissing Kim’s a**

  • KingOfMadCows 11 months ago

    Self aggrandizing megalomaniacal idiot with bad hair who inherited all his wealth from his father meets with Kim Jong-Un.

  • Hunter 11 months ago

    “touch and feel is NOT how you determine the success of a summit”
    no but it is how you pay $130,000 in hush money to a porn star… XD

  • 19thHour 11 months ago

    Cool, now we know who will be a bigger threat than Gandhi in the next Civ game

  • N J 11 months ago

    Straight Up, Seth! It was so crazy how he said they have great beaches… You can see it when they blow up their missiles LOL oh my God

  • SNEAKxxATTACK 11 months ago

    A New Story…A New Beginning..
    A New Start…A Nu Start..

  • Judy Kinsman 11 months ago

    Thank you Seth for bringing sanity and smiles back to my day. You’re awesome!


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