Trump Loves to Disgrace Us with His Presence

Published on February 13, 2020

Bernie Sanders and Pete Buttegieg finished number one and two in the New Hampshire primary, Andrew Yang, Michael Bennet & Deval Patrick dropped out of the presidential race, it was another disappointing night for Joe Biden, Donald Trump thinks everything is a disgrace, and best in show was announced at the Westminster Kennel Club Dog show.

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  • Prince Charming 1 year ago

    Jimmy is a plum

  • Jamal Parra 1 year ago

    Sounds like the word disgrace is, for Trump, a particularly hurtful word that he likes to use on others. I wonder why that is so.

  • Captain Coolz 1 year ago

    Who actually ever liked Jimmy Kimmel, I always knew that he was an idiot.

  • Izzy 1 year ago

    He said disgrace billions and billions and billions of times.

  • Pauline Gonzales 1 year ago

    Trump is a disgrace

  • Guillaume 1 year ago

    Trump 2020 ! Keep crying bra

  • Jim R 1 year ago

    You’re my Hero Jimmy, GOD bless you

  • MW 1 year ago

    He looks disgusting.

  • derek poole 1 year ago

    The biggest disgrace of all Trump doesn’t know what happened at Pearl Harbour.

  • Joseph Stalin 1 year ago

    As a Canadian, I would like to say to you my dear American friends. The fact the our primary allie’s president is a slightly rotten orange *is a disgrace.*

  • Cam Brown 1 year ago

    4:27 Watch the left hand side, you can sometimes see the computer cursor, it also appears on the right hand side sometimes.
    Also notice this is on the official Jimmy Kimmel channel and is not some guy screenshotting it.

  • Spartacus Forlife 1 year ago

    We brits love to feel superior and even after our brexit debacle and the election of boris johnson we can still look across the pond, look at trump and still fell superior????

  • RetardskillMe 1 year ago

    The American president is a disgrace to humanity.

  • Joseph Kurien 1 year ago

    Obviously, the latest enemy that the mafia trump mind believes is Bloomberg, not Sanders…his deleting the tweet about bloomberg is to mislead media …

  • Si Y 1 year ago

    It’s a disk race ? ?

  • Iris 1 year ago

    It’s a disgrace how limited his vocabulary is.

  • JoeCnNd 1 year ago

    I miss the old Jimmy who would talk smack to feminists. Him and Adam Corolla.

  • oh my 1 year ago

    Very very slowly, people could maybe get a clue on what “mentality” stands for.

  • anubhav das 1 year ago

    It’s a DISGRACE

  • hana stevenage 1 year ago

    He needs to learn more adjectives ?


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