Trump Lost the 2020 Election, but Republicans Are Trying to Steal It: A Closer Look

Published on November 9, 2020

Seth takes a closer look at the historic repudiation of Donald Trump that ended with Rudy Giuliani screaming outside a landscaping company.

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  • eleanorlebrecht 12 months ago

    So the 45th President of the United States has to be handled with Kid Gloves. Holy moly , Give me a break! Let Pence take the wheel until January 20, 2020. Pence is not my kind of guy but I think he could show up for work before noon each day. And maybe stay off of Twitter and the golf course and not cheat and steal from our government, which is the money we pay in taxes.

  • Herb Nichols 12 months ago

    Tucker Carlson and the rest of those Trump defenders, are as delusional as he is! They all need to be rounded up and extradited to The Hague!!

  • J C 12 months ago

    I voted for Biden with my nose pinched closed but I am glad the insane tRump is gone.

  • acmeopinion factory 12 months ago

    Hey Cruz- coronate?
    Did you mean crown?

  • Anneka Brimhall 12 months ago

    I took so much Clonopin this year that it started to errode my esophagus. No joke!

  • cartooncutout 12 months ago

    Systemic isn’t the right word. Systematic is.

  • Pvt Read 12 months ago

    He’s got 70 something days, then *YURRRRR OUT*

  • Corvum 12 months ago

    Trump just put his helicopter for sale. Meaning he needs money for debts

  • Frank Advice 12 months ago

    Seth pretending he doesn’t love Trump is silly. It’s all you talk about, Seth.

  • Troy Turner 12 months ago

    We did it guys…we got rid of the Orange Demon. The nightmare is finally over!!🙌🏿❤

  • Enigma Productions 12 months ago

    Seth it was your fault that he got elected in the first place like why’d u have to roast him in 2011

  • TLB 12 months ago

    Metaphors our us “PUN”

  • jack denial 12 months ago

    Karma is knocking at his door…. LOL… McCabe, Lt. Lindman, Berman, and I already got our popcorn bowls ready, do you?
    Karma, when it comes around it’s 10th folds…. I voted for BYEDON… LOL

  • Ameen Ahmed 12 months ago

    Ever heard of “punchable faces”? Well…

    Fun fact: Tucker Carlson has the most decapitatable head I’ve ever seen.

  • Aubrey 12 months ago

    I’ve been waiting all weekend for Seth, Stephen and the Jimmys 🤣😂💙💙🇺🇲🇺🇲

  • Jihane .S 12 months ago

    I will not miss the chopper talk😃

  • Tj Whetsel 12 months ago

    I will miss Seth trump voice though but THANK GOD!! and I’m not religious

  • Pissed Off Irish Woman 12 months ago

    Booo-Hoooo snowflakes 😭 What was that phrase the “poorly educated” taunted the left after the 2016 election?? Oh, yeah…”Deal with it” 😂🤣

  • Gretchen Hubbert 12 months ago

    “YOU’RE happy with your corner coffee shop. THEY want to make you drink Starbucks every day from now until forever.” Dear Tucker Carlson: There were no corner coffee shops before Starbucks. They were invented later to compete. F U. Oh, and will you please stop hoaxing Republicans by photoshopping burning buildings from Beirut onto our cityscape? Again, F U.
    The Arch-Anarchy of Seattle

  • John O 12 months ago

    Dressing up like mailboxes!!😃😃sounds fkn dope! How I missed that?😁


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