Trump Lost Over $1 Billion in 10 Years: A Closer Look

Published on May 8, 2019

Seth takes a closer look at the Trump administration’s defiance of Congress over the Mueller report.

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  • Tim Stoffel 1 year ago

    Got to love that Trump “logic”, claims that the Mueller report completely exonerates him, but fights tooth and nail to keep it from being released.

  • Rita Smith 1 year ago

    He big looser Donald trump the looser

  • Aaron R 1 year ago

    NEW CONSPIRACY THEORY: Trump did not lose that much, he embezzled that much. Every comedian who talks about Trump does a joke along the lines of “Trump is the only guy who can lose money with a casino.” If you look at the businesses he ran, casinos and real estate, it is apparent he is a con artist, but not in the way people think.

    He managed to embezzle that much, but was able to make it look like he lost that much. I think he hid the money in Russia.

    There is no way he could have maintained his lifestyle through scams alone for that long. He faked losses for a decade, hid the money in Russia, and started to funnel the money back years later; the years he is the most worried about.

    He is not worried about his ego, he is not worried about looking rich, he is worried about people discovering he is an embezzeler.

    Where my conspiracy theorists at? I am not good at spreading them myself, could I get some help, please?

  • DR Groce 1 year ago

    Trump has ZERO clue how the government works. Including his retarded supporters!

  • Ivan Kazakov 1 year ago

    Hannity trying to proove that trump’s loans and debt problems were well known and public, and cnn is just rubbing dirt in trumps face… but then… 4:39 …. but then if you see it from a “trump was and is a lair” point of view, the criticism makes sense.

    the usual fox news storrytelling working its magic on the people who trust it.

  • Fulton Barrons 1 year ago

    The last sentence he said is a clear clue it is Donald Trump talking. Because he says similar things now. Very close as you’ve heard or know or perhaps you don’t know. Typical Trump language. Listen to him now and compare.

  • Wayne Keebler 1 year ago

    The house sapeaning? He simply can’t enunciate bigly words.

  • Viv Pace 1 year ago

    “I’m really rich?!!” Wth??!!
    If you’re poor, female, black, Chinese, ugly, short, smart, male, cat, or whatever, it’s just not necessary to announce as if an affirmation. The guy is a dog. He has NO moral, legal or spiritual compass. ..a shepherd for the devil.

  • Johnny 1 year ago

    Trump in ’97: “I was Billions in debt, wasn’t good but I came back.” *Writes book about it called Art of the Comeback*

    NYT Yesterday: “BREAKING! WE, HAVE. TAX DOCUMENTS. Trump was BILLIONS in debt in the 90’s! We got him!”

  • The Other Side 1 year ago

    *Trump has proved that you can sell an image to people and they’ll give you all their money and soul.*

  • Tom Kjera 1 year ago

    closeed captions?

  • Ian Home 1 year ago

    The corrupt crime family is trying to destroy a nations Democratic values and system of government.

  • DR Groce 1 year ago

    How the hell did he lose money owning a casino?!

  • D RP 1 year ago

    Also how did he go from a brunette to a orange

  • Stephan Maurer 1 year ago

    Jesus, your country has gone down hard…

  • Phill Bar. 1 year ago

    That Jordan guy is so Fucking Stupid. How the hell he got there?

  • jean tyler 1 year ago

    trump, YOU ARE A MASSIVE FAILURE! WE LAUGH AT YOU! HA! HA! You SAD DICK! HA HA HA HA! ( and your zombie, brain dead followers, that cannot spell or speak their native language)

  • Melissa st. louis, mo 1 year ago

    If “The Donald” isn’t a criminal, why is he so adamant about hiding (obstruction) his tax returns, connections to Russia, etc.? if he was truly innocent, wouldn’t he want everything brought to light, so the American pubic would know for sure that he wasn’t iying crook? hell, if the proof was there, wouldn’t he be shouting it from the roof tops?


    Wait… who DIDN’T know this info??? It came out WHEN IT HAPPENED!!!!! lolz

  • JuICyBLiinGeR 1 year ago

    Lol so he wrote his book on deal making, while going bankrupt and losing 1.2 billion.. dude needs help.

    The enablers in Congress all need to go. Do they keep their jobs? Do the trump supporters slither away back into the public? They all need to be held in contempt.. and castrated.


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