Trump Lies About Taxes, Health Care Amid Cabinet Scandals: A Closer Look



  • Asmodeus 9 months ago

    Focus on his policy and what the republicans are doing. Don’t get distracted by his race baiting, it’s a ploy to get you to look the other way. Look instead at what he and his government is actually doing. Be on guard, always, because I have no doubt he’ll try to sneak something past all of you Yanks.

  • RoboReptile4 9 months ago

    Perhaps SHS actually said President Twirp

  • regular_max 9 months ago

    Another Lie from Trump? I’m fucking shocked at how he could do such a thing because we all know how honest he is

  • SolsticePrime 9 months ago

    Dear Mr. Mueller-

    Please hurry.

  • Laurent D'Hondt 9 months ago

    Tired of winning yet?

  • Lpnlizard27 9 months ago

    Could you guys PLEASE adjust the base volume of your uploads, your channel always plays at a lower volume than most.

  • Carca Peru 9 months ago

    The USA is a banana republic. Its president is going to increase the deficit by 10**12 to cut his taxes by 10**7.

  • Jackrabbit66 9 months ago

    I like how Trump’s idea of getting things done is to sit at the phone and scream at people all day. That could be why nothing is actually getting done.

  • Rob sanmiguel 9 months ago

    He is literally a troll that wants to be loved and that’s sad cause no one loves trolls.

  • Mandy B 9 months ago

    How is kneeling in any way offensive? If anything, it’s more loyal because it takes more effort than standing, and I am damned sure that any number of the people in a crowd act like others around them but don’t feel as passionately as it appears.
    If this is Trump’s biggest concern, he’s definitely not doing his job.

  • Jason Montgomery 9 months ago

    Divide and conquer should be his motto, not MAGA

  • Casey Heidt 9 months ago

    Darn, I was hoping we’d get another letter read to us

  • Terry Bee 9 months ago

    Sounded like twerp the first time.

  • Brandi h 9 months ago

    Ah yes, President Chirp, my least favorite Saved By the Bell character

  • thedragong 9 months ago

    Trumps tax plan it simple cut taxes to the rich raise it on the poor. After all those poor 1% need to upgrade their yacht.

  • tomitstube 9 months ago

    conservatives remind me of al bundy waiting for the pizza guy, you know the one that peg said she ordered for him. keep waiting on those tax cuts trumpsters, don’t worry tho, your boss will get a nice one, you see trumpster, you are being lied to, ripped off, taken for a sucker, and left for dead. just in case you were confused.

  • Mike Smith 9 months ago

    well if he isn’t out of the white House in the next couple of months. we got to be careful. he can start a work. Lock him up

  • iwannajob1 9 months ago

    I think she said “President Twerp.” And that works for me. Trump and the people who still support him are the most despicable, depraved people on the planet.

  • MegaCrasherMusic 9 months ago

    Its almost not funny anymore… lies like that are dangerous. He really is behaving like a dictator, twisting reality until people don’t know truth from fiction… I fear our democracy is in serious trouble

  • Gargamel Smurff 9 months ago

    Oh this show makes my day


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