Trump Lies About Robert Mueller’s Testimony: A Closer Look



  • orange70383 10 months ago


  • Robby Robson 10 months ago

    Mr. Muller basically left us uncertain!

  • Darrell Ludlow 10 months ago

    Wow, Seth Myers speaking directly from the Dem’s talking points. Just another late-night mouthpiece for the Left.

  • Priscilla Jimenez 10 months ago

    6:25 Seth, it’s called Chopper Talk, according to Colbert. Get it right lol

  • EvilFookaire 10 months ago

    “I love Wikileaks. I can’t get enough of Wikileaks. No, seriously, Wikileaks, I need even more of your leaks. Wikileaks is a hoax, made up by the Chinese to hurt our country. Funded by Soros and Obama. But it’s a hoax, it doesn’t exist. I keep hearing from trustworthy sources like David Dennison and John Barron that Hillary keeps going in and out of the Wikileaks headquarters. Why aren’t we investigating Hillary for her ties to Wikileaks?” – President Cantpickahole Andstickwithit von Shitstain…

  • guy proulx 10 months ago

    A HUGE inflatable Trump baby filled with helium should be flying over the White House and kept there after he’s long gone as a souvenir to never repeat the same mistake again

  • Mavicity 10 months ago

    When I was a kid, Clinton’s abuse of Lewinsky was the BIGGEST DEAL. Not a lot of people downplayed it, L got some blame, namecalling, bullying, etc, but most people tut-tutted Clinton as a bad boy. Now, as an adult, there’s another president who is being accused of bigger crimes, but just because there’s no Lewinsky, there’s no personalization of his crimes, it’s suddenly so abstract and people are meh, I don’t see who he hurt. Let me tell you who he’s hurting: YOU. The answer is YOU. You and your children and theirs. This new way of running the govt with blatant lies and disrespect of everything but the man in power, this will be the new normal. It’s happening in other countries too, Brazil, Philippines. The US is the mightiest democracy, right? Land of the free and all that. Please show the rest of the world how autocrats are booted out, how they have no place in leading a country. How countries aren’t fodder for one person’s success. How the presidency is a seat of service, not a throne. Come on!

  • 9TheMajor 10 months ago

    There are 50 US states yet Trump has chosen to hold half of his rallies in just two of them: West Virginia and North Carolina. NEVER does he speak in New York or California even though those states have the most voters.

  • Conspiracat 10 months ago

    R.I.P. America and Democracy…
    July 4th 1776 – January 20th 2017

    It was killed by a fat orange moron who had no business being in the White House.

    You will be missed…

  • William R Warren Jr 10 months ago

    @4:20 … WAY TO GO, SETH, give away one of our precious few ways to identify Drumpf’s erratic behavior as “unpresidential” or “autocratic” or “Putin’s Sock Puppet” (“Hey kidniks, it’s Uncle Putin’s Puppet Hour, and WHERE IS THE GUY -RUBBING- RUNNING AMERICA RIGHT NOW?” [“Where?”] “You guessed it: mouthing ventriloquist pravda with his hand ALL THE WAY UP the uglier end of Donald Drumpf.”) (Really? There’s an *uglier* end than we’ve already SEEN?)

  • vicki mahan 10 months ago

    I love you Mr. Robert Mueller!!

  • Nelson Hawkins 10 months ago

    How about the recycled joke about how quick he said yes.

  • Raphael Walker 10 months ago

    Trump is the worst husband the worst father the worst lier and the worst all-time president.

  • griiseknoen 10 months ago

    No parody of Trump is even remotely as pathetic as the man himself.

  • poop sock 10 months ago

    This whole comment section echo chamber needs collective therapy for trump derangemeny syndrom

  • James Graham 10 months ago

    Trump lied?

  • crovax 13 10 months ago

    trump is a hoax! Send that clown to jail ??

  • Shane Creel 10 months ago

    If Congress doesn’t do SOMETHING, each and every Democrat needs to REFUND THEIR SALARY!

  • Capella1951 10 months ago

    Great rhetorical question: ‘Why would anyone still ask him anything?’

  • Rosslyn Standingwater 10 months ago

    We’ve been outta Pinot for nearly 3 years now… and the reds, and the beer, and the liquor and so on. Just please make it stop, for all our livers’ sake!


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