Trump Lies About His Trade War with China: A Closer Look

Published on May 15, 2019

Seth takes a closer look at the president ratcheting up his trade war with China and lying about what it means for American companies and consumers.

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  • T Slap 11 months ago

    It was long. It was complex. It was thoughtful but too bad I can’t read it. Trump is by far the dumbest fool to ever sit in the Oval Office..

  • Vivian Stimpson 11 months ago

    Xi likes China so much, he stays off Twitter all night and day not making an ass of himself.

  • Tonio Music 11 months ago

    Trump must really love his mail man

  • Enrique Polo 11 months ago

    Trumpie boy is riding the coat tail of Obamas economy….cant believe people are too stupid to see this, but then again his racist ass and his nazi party wont admit that a non-white is responsible for this economy doing well until Trumpie boy ruins it like he is now.

  • John Smith 11 months ago

    Trump knows what he’s doing.

  • Ryan Kelley 11 months ago

    good to see people are still getting their news from failed comedians.

  • Alan Chamberlain 11 months ago

    All those letters belong to the public as they were written to the president. I can’t wait to see them in the Trump museum

  • Tin Can 11 months ago

    When Trump is representing USA… Be assured American.. The others nation are laughing at you… Not with you…

  • Thomas Jennings 11 months ago

    Good luck writing a letter when he can’t read!

  • Tele Opinions 11 months ago

    Trump says, “I have a great relationship with president Xi Jinping,” but we never hear from Mr. Xi Jinping confirming that. It’s similar to when you say to somebody “I love you,” and he or she never responds. What do you think that means? ?

  • rascally rabbit 11 months ago

    I’ve shown up at my friends late night door with beer and blow and never been locked out yet

  • Chris Reiser 11 months ago

    All I see is envelopes.

  • bootnsoot 11 months ago

    trump has always been pathetically out of his league.
    His base cult are so stupid they have no idea of things. They cant tell what’s good or bad.

  • are bee 11 months ago

    Was that stripper squabble reference supposed to be a joke? It sounded like something a 10 year old would say… back in the 80s… when popping out of a cake was a thing…. on movies

  • Taylor Craig Newbold 11 months ago

    Any republican who hates “welfare” i.e., food stamps, TANF, etc but thinks making farmers “whole” by giving them billions to offset the cost of trump’s tariffs is just fine is basically your average fuckwit republican.

  • Ron Jon 11 months ago

    China ain’t paying for ? my guy.

  • Steve Winter 11 months ago

    I think if Trump wasn’t born into daddy’s wealth, that’s exactly what he would be right now.. A postal worker.

  • frankie lugo 11 months ago

    Its like he has pen pals

  • Green Meat 11 months ago

    got the postman picture wrong, be more accurate if he was carrying an uzi


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