Trump Legal Losses Keep Piling Up In Pennsylvania and Michigan | The Daily Social Distancing Show

Published on November 18, 2020

In a major loss to Trump, The Pennsylvania Supreme Court has ruled that Republican election observers were given proper access to vote counting, and Georgia has finished their recount (hint: Trump still lost). #DailyShow #TrevorNoah #2020Election

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  • Thomas Purcell 4 months ago

    You are keeping trumps lie alive

  • Elmer D 4 months ago

    Republicans dont want you to vote but when you do they dont want that vote to count .

  • Larry Matthews 4 months ago


  • roxybarone 4 months ago

    trump’s allegations make us think, many people think, smart people think, that the 2016 election was rigged. Some people, smart people would say it was stolen. I have no knowledge of this, but many people say that trump did not win the 2016 election. I have not knowledge of this, but many, many very intelligent people say that trump is corrupt and sick in the head. I do not know trump but that is what very important people say about him.

  • Russ Rockalotta 4 months ago

    Trevor should host SNL! It’s time for prime time. Well ok, so its not prime time but thats where he belongs with this hilarious “true that” comedy! Add Alec Baldwin for some skits. Voila! The musical guest should be Walter Trout to add to the amazing show! Nudge nudge, say no more, do it Lorne Michaels! Do it!

  • S1W SKC 4 months ago

    New name for snowflakes – trumpflakes! LMAO !

  • skywalker king 4 months ago

    People making jokes…. everyone that voted biden you know how you are just remember if biden wins were all fucked and it’s your fault….grow a brain biden fans this is not a game ….and this dude is in love with Trump and he knows it deep down….

  • J. G.I 4 months ago

    Hi guys… It’s me again.. same message: WE NEED TREVOR HOSTING SNL!!

  • Mario Cervantez 4 months ago

    Does anyone else get the feeling trump is acting like Lenin from Russia when he tried to change an outcome to an election?

  • F Hackman 4 months ago

    Trump supporters went from “Stop the Count”, to “Count the Votes”, to “Stop the Steal”… Next chant will be “Steal those Votes, Steal those Votes!!”

  • mark sherin 4 months ago

    breaking news dominion voting machines actually switch all votes to a foreign country, germany, where another system called smartmedic tallies or changes votes This company was used in venezuela during chavazs regime to fix all elections in venezsuela. A former venzezuelan general has signed a sworn affidavit to all the fraud of these machines that are now used in the US IT is only a matter of time before this election is overturned and arrests begin to happen.

  • Harry Bowman 4 months ago

    The background that guy uses in his video condemning the psychotic Republicans is “Detroit Industry” by Diego Rivera, painted in the Detroit Institute of Arts. It was the subject of a dispute between Edsel Ford, who commissioned it, and his father Henry, who thought Diego Rivera was “a known Communist”. Which he was.

  • blur9953 4 months ago

    Says Trevor Noah!? Fake info/fake intellect/fake news.

  • ΝΙΚΟΣ ΝΙΚΟΣ 4 months ago

    The only thing better than seeing him lose once, is seeing him lose multiple times

  • Mary Kelley 4 months ago

    Donald “Jiggy with it” trump. You’re killing me…Lmao

  • Jathin S 4 months ago

    Shameless and senseless: *exists*
    Trump: *imma about to end this man whole career*

  • Dale Knez 4 months ago

    What is scary is his supporters are still living next to us

  • jon batchelor 4 months ago

    I’m sure getting a good laugh at all the loser donny followers weaving there little donny flags, just makes me laugh. Hey donny your fired HA HA

  • Ray Chang 4 months ago

    The 2,600 un-counted ballots was a huge mistake but it absolutely does not give Trump the right to declare the election a fraud which is a lie and he god damn knows it and does it anyway because the Republican Party is too chicken to call him out.

  • Suzy Q 4 months ago

    Finding these uncounted votes should make us all feel proud, because it means the system works! Our elections are free, fair, and secure. In fact…
    “The November 3rd election was the *most secure in American history.* There is no evidence that any voting system deleted or lost votes, changed votes, or was in any way compromised.”
    -The *Trump Administration’s* Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency

    And that there were…
    “Very few substantiated complaints, let me put it that way. *There is no evidence of any kind of voter fraud, or of illegal votes being cast.”*


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