Trump Leaves His Supporters To Freeze & Obama Goes Off | The Daily Social Distancing Show

Published on October 28, 2020

Trump rallies are more dangerous than ever and Obama has a blast campaigning for Biden. #DailyShow #TrevorNoah #Trump

To help World Central Kitchen serve food to people in voting lines, especially in underserved Black and Brown communities where voting lines are historically longer, go to



  • Luke Taylor 3 months ago

    I love these Obama clips

  • Dan Heuckeroth 3 months ago

    nothing to say

  • Not A Federal 3 months ago

    I bet those buses are not paid with Trump’s money..

  • Tadashi Yasahiro 3 months ago

    Did anyone else catch the lady holding up the women sign upside down?! Around 0:30

  • FinnB0 3 months ago

    Are all american politicains stand up comedians?

  • rewar 3 months ago

    You know it would almost be funny if it didn’t risk their lives, but actual human beings are dumb enough to do this never you mind in an actual pandemic. Imagine a small portion of the population being able to determine the outcome of us all, and nothing to do with the election but with covid. One idiot superspreader could bring down the lot of humanity.

  • Trumps Hairdresser 3 months ago

    Brand new baby FRESH OUT THE BOX!

  • Erica Shady 3 months ago

    It reminds me the song Obama, come back!

  • Ramsey Elmachtoub 3 months ago

    You always say “Trump” like 25 times a damn minute. StFU already. We all know

  • Kainoa Pagente 3 months ago

    Qanon is gonna take Obama’s words at 2:20 as proof that Dems touch/eat babies lol

  • Tanya G Davies 3 months ago


  • James Pollitt 3 months ago

    What about when creepy joe says he wants to kiss a baby. Everyone runs

  • KNEES IN THE BREEZE 3 months ago

    You all are so ridiculous

  • Harry Wu 3 months ago

    1:02 “ won’t get that from, sleepy Joe- TAKE THAT MAMA!- it bites.” Lmao

  • Jordono da Vinci 3 months ago

    Snakes had my dying lmao

  • Sacred 3 months ago

    When u going to talk about the Crime bill Biden passed

  • Cindy Smith 3 months ago


  • Jo Bennett 3 months ago

    Black Church and White Church. Love it. So right on.

  • Alta Montgomery 3 months ago

    You mean no one in the Trump administration had no one stay behind to make sure Trump supporters got to buses with the temperature bring that cold did any one from Trump administration help those elderly was safe on their way after all he was at the airport that should have been the no 1 concern with it bring that cold did any members of the Trump team stay behind to help find his supporters a place to stay warm or help out are was it the people only in that state it was so cold that is why Trump left early was it after the fact when they found out usually some one stays behind or inform them of the situation did any Trump. Or Trump inform them. Are was it the people of that state Trump had the rally in that found out what was happening this is sad am flat they took care of Trump supporters that Trump did not inform to what was happening Trump new what was going to happen you can not hold up traffic at any air port in the world cause it is a business but Trump wouldn’t know about business

  • You Need Music 3 months ago

    Sleepy Joe😂 now see why he got the name


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