Trump Leaks Embarrassing 60 Minutes Interview Before Second Debate: A Closer Look

Published on October 22, 2020

Seth takes a closer look at President Trump spending the lead-up to the final presidential debate whining about the moderator and leaking footage from his 60 Minutes interview.

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  • bob starr 3 years ago

    I went 15 minutes without laughing. The trump bit is old and stale. This is why you should vote for biden, trump is to simple to be interesting for more than one term.

  • Herman Lane 3 years ago

    Four years later and you guys still letting the monster continue to munch on corpses… Alright humans

  • C Cole 3 years ago

    Right now people w Preexisting Conditions are protected by Obamacare, if SCOTUS strikes it down, there’s NOTHING to protect them. TRUMP WANTS TO TAKE AWAY HEALTHCARE IN A PANDEMIC.

  • Dean Smith 3 years ago

    I hope 60 minutes has fact checking

  • Slique Vic 3 years ago

    Fairness? Lol

  • Mary Blake 3 years ago

    I watched the entire debate. I haven’t been political for years. VOTE BIDEN!

  • DigitalSynapse0101 3 years ago

    Trump was unprepared, just trying to play the hits. They needed to mute him way, way more. Biden thrashed him, even without it though.

  • J B 3 years ago

    Team Trump !

  • Peter Mcguinness 3 years ago

    And had his hands down his pants….

  • NevadaBoss 3 years ago

    There may be a whinier little beeatch than the tangerine-tinted failed steak salesman…but if there is, he’s likely 3years old and in soiled diapers. #12DAYS

  • nisarg sohagiya 3 years ago


  • CrimeNational InfiniteMoney 3 years ago

    Biden isn’t the president yet so why interview him lol

  • Venice Lockjaw 3 years ago

    How about not only focus on Trump but the fucking billionaires who fund him? Like all the ultra conservative think tanks that are going to be around long after Donald trump. All the conservative groups like The Federalist society that brought this nomination forward. 250 million dollars of dark money from far-right libertarian think tanks

  • Kel Green 3 years ago

    Do the F&F have college degrees? They seem to be morons.

  • King Kayton 3 years ago

    can you guys find some other news besides 45 to joke about


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