Trump Lashes Out over Immigration and His Tax Returns: A Closer Look



  • Henry Rorke 3 years ago

    We should just call them Mr Thompson, Wesley Mouch, Cuffy Meigs, Tinky Holloway, Dr Robert Stadler, etc. It’s 1984 served up by the characters from Atlas Shrugged.

  • technicolor tabby 3 years ago

    Anti climb?

  • Cynthia Clark 3 years ago


  • jim moreisin 3 years ago

    Central casting?????…… That sheriff should of kicked his fucking ass.

  • Eddie Brock 3 years ago

    It’s fun watching him betray his allies. Their look of devastation is hilarious.

    You trusted this guy?

    Who’s a bigger con, him or Bernie Madoff?

  • astrogypsy 3 years ago

    Anti-climate? What?

  • davidrihno 3 years ago

    How are you still saying theirs not a crisis at the border, theirs over 100,000 people illegal crossing? Unbelievable, what a hack.

  • Gene Khlopov 3 years ago

    Why is it so hard to get an IRA official to comment on the “audits”?

  • xxGodx 3 years ago

    Trump: A criminal who claims to be tough on criminals.

  • Nikki Tea 3 years ago

    That’s a bit Anticlimactic . Much Like this joke

  • Eyehayt Apricots 3 years ago

    How come Trump doesn’t rail against the IRS for auditing him year after year after year? He CRIES about everything else!

  • M H 3 years ago

    There is a crisis on the border retard.

  • mike lomez 3 years ago

    Can the media go ahead and just start speculating about what’s on orange racoons tax returns already? Obviously whatever’s there is pretty freaking terrible.

  • Kelly Lingro 3 years ago

    I can’t wait for Trump to be out of office. My first job at a turnpike plaza McDonalds, rated 1 out of five stars, had more structure and less employee turnover.

  • Daron Yetter 3 years ago

    you are the biggest liar i have ever seen. If you think you are funny think again… you are nothing more than a total dumbass.

  • Ines Jeffre 3 years ago

    America? Why aren’t you guys in the streets staying there in the millions (not because you’re homeless)upon millions until you oust these thugs along with their Big Business rulers. “Bring democracy back to us” might be a nice chant. Less humour and more protest please. All of us out here outside U.S. are hopeful. You’ll inspire our citizens and that’s a good thing.

  • Mark Blair 3 years ago

    What’s disturbing, is that Trump has a good chance of being re-elected in 2020

  • Thomas Anheuser 3 years ago

    I want to see someone take a electric razor an walk up behind trump and just run it across his head

  • Denny Hyer 3 years ago

    What a fcking moron ??? who watches this ? o yeah the liberal tide pod eaters ????? 377% rise is a crisis …….. 53 billion spent on the since 2011 is a crisis …… Wake up you ignorant sheep

  • Robert Jenkins 3 years ago

    What law says you have to show your tax returns. Seth release your tax returns.


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