Trump Lashes Out at Reporters

Published on November 8, 2018

Despite his party losing control of the House, Donald Trump took a victory lap last night calling the results ‘very close to a complete victory’ for Republicans. He also did some heavy-duty tweeting about it. Despite claiming victory, Trump was in a foul and spiteful mood today, and it made for a nasty press conference. He wasn’t just mad about a line of questioning from CNN’s Jim Acosta, he lashed out at just about everybody.

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  • Karnage 13 2 years ago

    No its my mic!! And you can’t have it!!??

  • KPOPFANBOYUK 2 years ago

    1:50 lol what the hell is this woman doing?

  • a100921 2 years ago

    Lol all these butt hurt people including kimmel, Obama and trump have both been trying to dig your country out of debt and honestly have done more for the country than the rest of the presidents combined. Trump has almost single handedly ended your country’s “war path”, with peace among other nations. Now it’s time to rebuild. But hey, if you guys don’t want cheaper everything, including food, gas, power, etc. Higher wages even, then go ahead and drive your country to anarchy, lol, stupid Americans ?

  • RJ 17 2 years ago

    dumb blonde

  • Max Covfefe 2 years ago

    Is there a drug test for the president?

  • dickslap37 2 years ago

    It’s so fun watching trump wipe the floor with the media while they run Around with their heads on fire acting like animals after the last piece of meat.

    On the same token it’s even more fun watching all the kimmel fans beat each other off thinking they’re intellectuals while they consider themselves “woke”


  • Gilbert G 2 years ago

    All Republicans should be embarrassed of the ? they have as leader.

  • Ville Hytönen 2 years ago

    What an insane press conference. Reminded me of the first one he had.

  • MachineGunMouth 2 years ago

    the skits and jokes just write themselves don’t they? just give this dumb ass trump a microphone and let em rip…

  • Ashton Phillips 2 years ago

    Did I just watch an episode of SNL?

  • Ali Sarhan 2 years ago


  • Jasmine Owen 2 years ago

    I am kind of ashamed that I ever liked Jimmy Kimmel. He is delusional. I just haven’t figured out if it’s for money or he is truly insane.

    Love one another. Have fun. : )

  • Coleson hamson 2 years ago

    Aka Jimmy

  • themegalogic 2 years ago

    i think now reporters needs to be tough and shout back at the idiot, and not let him get away with it…

  • Immortal PUBG 2 years ago

    Jimmy has become unwatchable

  • Crazy Gamer 2 years ago

    Trump is the biggest Joker on Earth

  • Awoodward7899 2 years ago

    Because that’s what happened ???

  • shamik chakraborty 2 years ago

    every mid-term election, the president loses some seat, if we compare that, then Trump did better than Obama or Bush or Bill Clinton…..

    But ofcourse, Jimmy just wants to troll Trump.

  • Victor Ruiz 2 years ago

    The way the first guy goes down as trump moves away from the stand was pretty bad ass lol

  • Shiva Priya Srinivasan 2 years ago

    Oh my God that hilarious ????


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