Trump Lashes Out After G7 Controversy, Mulvaney’s Ukraine Confession: A Closer Look

Published on October 21, 2019

Seth takes a closer look at President Trump’s meltdown after his White House basically confessed to multiple corrupt abuses of power.

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  • LibHunk 11 months ago

    Whenever Trump says “Many people said” means Crazies Hannity , Tucker, pirro, Dobbs or Alex Jones.

  • 612Tiberius 11 months ago

    Drumpf’s mind is gone.

  • Vorawan C 11 months ago

    I don’t think you should assume Trump confused letter and phone call. There might actually be letters to the Ukraine President concerning the issue, look it up!

  • North Eastern Roberts 11 months ago

    I like trump
    He’s funny

  • Emily Frances 11 months ago

    Welcome back Seth!! You and Colbert really need to take alternate weeks off because it’s been A LONG WEEK.

  • G_ Man21 11 months ago

    Time is way over due to get rid of Trump, Pence and the Administration.

  • Chip Lovitt 11 months ago

    Seth, you rock! My sides hurt from laughing so much.

  • In4cer in4cer 11 months ago

    Unbelievable!!!! WOW, we elected a dumbfuck as president.

  • Mark S 11 months ago

    “im the one, meaning me” “most of the ISIS we captured meaning we, we, we. Im the one that did the capturing”. Ok, great. you did it (golf clap) but you also just pulled our men and women out of Syria and left our allies that helped YOU capture those ISIS members. Those fighters just might find their way out of custody somehow and back into the fringe where you can blame someone else for the failure to contain them. nice unilateral work. you’re working so hard. you deserve a round of golf.

  • Sarah H 11 months ago

    All he wants to do is advertise his resort because it’s doing terrible

  • Dusty Rains 11 months ago

    Trump can’t help himself. We should feel sorry for him. We should feel sorry for him and his maga nation of “special” voter people. The Republican Senators looking at the floor with their hands in their pockets while Tboy slobbers, shits, and pisses on everything are the villains in this story.

  • Lizard King 11 months ago

    Electing trump to the presidency was like appointing a prison inmate to warden.

  • yazmyn iii 11 months ago

    why does trump put up an racist comment? Everyone knows he’s a criminal.. Right? ?

  • Larry Berry 11 months ago

    When you’re accused of a crime and your defense is that yes you committed the crime but it’s okay because you’ve committed that same crime multiple times before.

  • Civil Villain 11 months ago

    Imagine how stupid you have to be to believe the lies that come out of Trump and his administration.
    Now quadruple that level of stupidity, and you have the MAGA crowd.

  • Jeff Harbaugh 11 months ago

    A local bar that Allways showed Fox news now longer has it on their TVs.

  • jd190d 11 months ago

    The best part about the Doral incident is that this was planned and accepted by at least several White house staff and no one remembered that the U.S. Constitution strictly forbids this. Either they didn’t know or are so scared of Trump they let it go and said nothing. Either option is pathetic and these are the people running our country.

  • jodie vukmir 11 months ago

    How about a perfect impeachment!

  • rationalguy 11 months ago

    These fucks are sooo transparently a bunch of crooks. Trump himself really can’t help it, I think. He’s a natural. But all these jerks attaching themselves to him like ticks are inexcusable.

  • C Angel 11 months ago

    #IMPEACH drain the #SWAMP #bankruptcy #King #fake how can you trust a person who has avoided serving the country 5 times. #Deferments #MoscowMitch jail Jim Jordan #corrupt #GOP #corruption
    A true #Patriot #RobertMuller #MULLER #FBI #CIA #JUSTICE4AMERICA


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