Trump Lapdogs McCarthy, Graham, And Miller Struggle On The Sunday Shows

Published on October 1, 2019

Credibly defending President Trump’s actions on television is an art form few have mastered. Last weekend, even his most loyal defenders proved they’re not up to the task. #Colbert #LSSC #Monologue

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  • cnj67 10 months ago

    A Fraudian Slip – is what I hear him say. Not all wrong, you know!

  • Trina Holman 10 months ago

    So, what are the chances that tRump and Co might have a nice “holiday” in Guantanamo? Seems like the most appropriate place for them to end their careers.

  • aohige 10 months ago

    GOPs are all like “the whistleblower is biased!!”
    And ignoring the fact that TRUMP’S OWN RELEASED TRANSCRIPT validates the whistleblower’s claims.

  • Midwoka Milling 10 months ago

    Some other Nancy Drew stories involving the president:
    The Clue of the Velvet Man
    The Mystery of the 99 Felonies
    The Clue of the Tweeting Puppet
    The Clue in the Complete Lack of Ciphers
    and finally…

    (and this one is an actual book title!)
    Nancy Drew and the Haunted Showboat

  • LibHunk 10 months ago

    Whenever Stephen Miller interviewed Host should always keep the Pesticides Handy for this Insect.

  • stretchchris1 10 months ago

    2:52 hell of a cut here

  • je pense est puis j'existe 10 months ago

    Emperor wears no mind

  • Barbara Kennedy 10 months ago

    I can hear the dominos falling. They can’t escape the Law of Physics.
    !!!⚾♥️?GO YANKEES ?♥️⚾!!!

  • Randall Madison 10 months ago

    Reminds me of the Marion Barry days. People standing behind immoral, unethical and criminal behavior. Trump will not be removed. That doesn’t mean that you stop the impeachment process. History is memorializing this epoch – Marion Barry in the White House. Lmfao.

  • Stephen Wilson 10 months ago

    Why are you not impeaching Biden? Trump has done no wrong.. The swamp you swim in is getting smaller by the day.

  • Ben Lutz 10 months ago

    Does anybody else ever see BatBoy on TV and think “Hey, I think I saw this documentary of events that occurred about 75-80 years ago, before they colorized it”?

  • It's fine DW really 10 months ago

    If the glow doesnt fit then it must be extraextraextra small

  • J H 10 months ago

    we hardly ever hear from the white house press secretary anymore, what happened

  • Bob Anderson 10 months ago

    First it was Russia Russia … then…. collusion collusion……then obstruction obstruction….. then Adam Schitt for brains said he had irrefutable proof…. which he never did… he lied ….with the rest of the Demonrats….now nothing is said about Russia….mmm
    Now it is Ukraine Ukraine….now we have hacks comedian like Colbert. Who.says there is proof…. the Demonrats… will do anything to get or keep power…. they want absolute power…. absolute power corrupts absolutely….

  • Manda 10 months ago

    McCarthyism has a new – and somehow worse – definition.

  • Sofus 10 months ago

    I don’t understand Ukraine buying javelins (RPG) Ukraine produce RPG’s themselves, it only makes sense to me if they are pressed to do it. Which in turn gives me doubts as a non-American on the US as an ally.

  • Jussi Raitoniemi 10 months ago

    This is almost humiliating to watch him ?

  • HKim0072 10 months ago

    Gawd, what shitty press shop thinks it’s good to put Stephen Miller out for interviews. He connects with no one.

  • Tushar Shankar Rai 10 months ago

    1:06 wait..… Optimus prime, is that you?

  • David Blum 10 months ago

    Why is Stephen Miller trying to act like the creepy, possessed villains in Stranger Things 3?


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