Trump Keeps Lying About the Coronavirus Outbreak: A Closer Look

Published on March 5, 2020

Seth takes a closer look at President Trump lying to millions of people about the coronavirus outbreak as his administration bungles its response to the crisis.

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  • taexclusive 3 years ago

    I lost braincells the more I listen to Trump talks. He is so dumb and he doesn’t realize it. What’s scary is he doesn’t realize consequences of what he says. At this rate he’s even worse than Xi Jinping.

  • mitch yelvington 3 years ago

    You know Mr trump has nothing to do with the any thing!!!

  • Bonniejean Eckler 3 years ago

    Way to fear monger.

  • MrEroshan 3 years ago

    A man in Florida was sick and wanted the test, the hospital told him it would cost $3100. What a joke, we are dead.

  • let's talk about it 3 years ago

    Trump say” I haven’t touched my face for 2 weeks” a pathological liar at the WH what a disgrace for this country.

  • Kiana 3 years ago

    Trump 2020!!!!!!!

  • William Sutter 3 years ago

    What do you want people? do you want a higher mortality rate or do you want more people tested? Truth is that it probably is more wide spread than people think. Do you want to know why we don’t know how wide spread it is? Because people with minor symptoms that it mildly inconveniences don’t want to be quarantined for weeks on end.

  • Joe S 3 years ago

    trump sucks. Trust drs and scientists, not trump. He doesn’t want test done on a lot of people just wants to lie about the coronavirus so the economy doesn’t tank.

  • 247vancity 3 years ago

    Trump is the biggest A hole I’ve ever seen!

  • Armafly 3 years ago

    If Trump is so optimistic about the Coronavirus, why he doesn’t go to California to meet local people? Instead he encourages YOU to go to work, to the mall… Once again he shows how coward he is.

  • Kyle Alexander 3 years ago

    Wat if the number of 80% recover without treatment is accurate? That means 66 million americans wont recover without treatment. How many ppl can all the hospitals combined deal with?

  • Kelly T 3 years ago

    This would work in my country,Canada but FREE in America?

  • Zihe Lin 3 years ago

    check the real reason of flu, is it real flu?!!

  • No Calvinism 3 years ago

    Look, Donnie can’t stop LYING, it is fundamental to who he is. It makes him feel superior to everyone and gives him a strong sense of control. He believes that if he can successfully deceive people he can ultimately use them for his person gain. Another way of saying this is Donnie, through his on going LYING & DECEIVING, believes he can over power everyone and get you to both serve him and worship him thereby making as many people as possible his slave. This unequivocally Mark’s him as a son of Satan.

  • Kaj Bergman 3 years ago

    Trump is contradicting himself…just the other day be said Only 15 have the virus and now he is talking about houndreds of thousand…

  • Damien 3 years ago

    Why is there no one in congress or government in general that stands up and says “our President lies way too much”?

  • Jennye Knox 3 years ago

    What an idiotic, lying, moronic criminal! I have never detested anyone like this.

  • s w 3 years ago

    With out trump you would never be seen. Who are you?

  • Mr. Precedent 3 years ago

    If you get sick, be sure to attend a MAGA rally…


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