Trump Keeps Lying About Jimmy Kimmel, Wackos Spread Vaccine Misinformation & Britney Gets Engaged

Published on September 13, 2021

Jimmy talks about Monday Night Football on ABC, Donald Jessica Trump sitting down with Fox’s Greg Gutfeld to talk about Jimmy and tell a fake story (again), President Biden visiting California, wellness influencers spreading crazy misinformation about vaccines, Britney Spears getting engaged, and Jimmy’s wife Molly gives away a bunch of his stuff in a new edition of “Win Jimmy’s Crap!”

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  • Barbossa F 10 months ago

    Wonder how much 💵 Big J got for his 👻 📝😈🧗‍♂️

  • Karl Wester 10 months ago

    I don`t see any resemblance in Sr vs.Jr..DJTJ looks more like an unemployable French Canadian ski instructor.

  • sabcl 10 months ago

    mike saying “don’t worry, you can buy it on ebay”💀

  • Superhero Hill 10 months ago

    “It says he’s happy right on the shirt” “He’s not” Wow his wife is so feisty!! It’s hilarious!!

  • And She Was 10 months ago

    You notice trump was the only one not wearing a headset and microphone? Just like he was always the one not wearing a mask. He will not do either because it make you look stupid. He doesn’t need anything to make him look stupid all he has to do is open his mouth!

  • mac7083 10 months ago

    Sad thing is…. there’s brain dead muppet tRump supporters watching the vid and reading this that truly believe Donnie Dunce is telling the truth. 😂😂

  • Jason C 10 months ago

    If you didn’t vote for me, you ain’t Jimmy Kimmel. -Joe Biden, probably

  • Bob Johnson 10 months ago

    Can you believe he called himself a politician?

  • Sweet and Lovely 10 months ago

    DJT loves to be idolized. Egoistic narcissist fetus.

  • Godzilla Destroy 10 months ago

    That part where Trump had them all sitting in silence is about as good as it gets when it comes to his commentary

  • Ashley Green 10 months ago

    You “hate” to say you’re a politician, but causing all this fuss and chaos to get back into office.
    Makes perfect sense, doesn’t it?

  • Christopher Cooper 10 months ago

    “Go get Lincoln, I want my clarinet back!”

  • M F 10 months ago

    More Trump bashing from liberal woke Kimmel. Great.

  • Valentia Huguley 10 months ago

    The unequal fiberglass simultaneously man because racing desirably bump between a wide memory. capable, unkempt reason

  • Ryan Sharp 10 months ago

    Why don’t you talk about your great democrat leader, Jimmy. Tell Americans the great things the Biden regime is doing for them.your show is Trash all democrats garbage

  • Krista Ray 10 months ago

    University of Jamba….too funny

  • Jim Church 10 months ago

    Sorry, but you’re a poor bastard.
    Been there done that. No more

  • Jamius01 10 months ago

    Funny Trump can detail his appearance with jimmy, but not what he did hour by hour on Jan 6th.

  • Frank Benlin 10 months ago

    I guess she got her revenge for Jimmy providing her with a fairy tale life.

  • ProduceBoi 12 10 months ago

    Jimmy talks about politics way too much now. Losing interest


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