Trump Keeps Lying About Hurricane Dorian and Alabama: A Closer Look

Published on September 5, 2019

Seth takes a closer look at President Trump defending his doctored map showing Hurricane Dorian hitting Alabama.

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  • Bruce McDonald 2 weeks ago

    Hey just hang on Bahamas. I’ve got some serious stuff to worry about. OK what about this sharpie shitchuayshun?

  • Pavel 2 weeks ago

    So nobody is going to mention that Trump just admitted himself, that consumers in a country that imposes tariffs are the ones who bear the extra costs?? He contradicts himself right there.

  • lynn sepeda 2 weeks ago

    What a fucking loser…….

  • Paper St. 2 weeks ago

    People smuggling things into Canada? Really? He’s insane. If anything, people go to Canada to get cheaper medications, and escape the general madness goin on down here.

  • Stella H 2 weeks ago

    That movie line is also pretty much Carrie and The Grinch…many villain stories, actually.

  • Don Johnson 2 weeks ago

    On the bright side, he could nuke Alabama.

  • Mark Estes 2 weeks ago

    lol Pangea lol

  • Alan Brown 2 weeks ago

    What an idiot we have as our President.

  • Fernando Trujillo 2 weeks ago

    This what dementia is…this is dangerous…he needs to GO

  • beck ross 2 weeks ago

    What’s up with the 🤡 and trying to scare Alabama? Lol

  • sur-taka 2 weeks ago

    trump might be the most pathological case of inability to admit a mistake i have ever witnessed.

  • drsupremo88 2 weeks ago

    Why can’t it be illegal for government officials to lie

  • Larry Weisbeck 2 weeks ago

    Let me help! Swap names, you know Florida’s now called Alabama. Alabama’s now called Florida. Problem solved trumps right.

  • Noah 2 weeks ago

    Extremely dissengenuine. Read the tweet, he said it will *LIKELY* hit Alabama.

  • Azalea Rivera 2 weeks ago

    I do not like this reality this timeline sucks. A president who can not admit he’s wrong is damn dangerous. He will take us to nuclear war because he accidentally wrote nuclear instead of unclear. Please America vote Blue 2020, enough of this BS.

  • Xin Li 2 weeks ago

    You better believe that if Trump could change the path of hurricanes with a sharpie, he definitely would just to prove himself right, even if it killed hundreds in Alabama.

  • Bekks 2 weeks ago

    He cares more about justifying Alabama than he does what is actually happening & has happened. Is he ill? I mean seriously.

  • Simon Sozzi 2 weeks ago

    He’s “projecting” 🤣

  • leeanne 2 weeks ago

    God forbid if you mention this on any site yesterday And Tuesday…. trump supporters went manic …. or a comment about $$ being taken from fema diverted to compensate for his border/wall issue…. let’s just say these are sensitive topics right now… I actually had to post news articles and even videos ( trump supporters don’t like reading) to validate my fema comment lol and of course it’s “fake news fake news” ! Only reason I ever commented was cause I’m in Alabama… personally I’m out of paper towels and was counting to throw some at us!!! You think they could take a joke, i mean they support one!

  • Squishy Productions 2 weeks ago

    And, as if it needs to be said, the vast majority of those lines in the old map he’s trying to use to cover his gaff *DON’T* intersect with Alabama despite his claim that *95%* of them did.


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