Trump Is Totally Healthy | The Daily Show

Published on November 19, 2019

Here are four reasons why you shouldn’t worry about President Trump’s visit to Walter Reed hospital #TheDailyShow


  • Ashray Mishra 8 months ago

    You should telecast about JNU protest

  • Peter Parker 8 months ago

    Jeanine Pirro “he’s almost super human .. he can grab my p*s*y from whitehouse” 😀

  • bob green 8 months ago

    Hilariously funneeeeee

  • Patrick Reiner 8 months ago

    Phase 1: doctor visit Phase 2: Triple bypass

  • Michael La Fayette 8 months ago

    That generic stock music is my favorite part ?

  • El Negro 44 8 months ago

    Do you mean seper Dump!!!

  • Solomon The Third 8 months ago

    Situation normal
    Nothin to see here folks

  • crabapple1974 8 months ago

    And Fox way of reporting on glorious leader Trump has a stark resemblence to KCNA on Kim Jong-Un. Soon he will also do 18 hole-in-ones and lift a horse whilst ”inspecting” and sharing his vast expertise on every subject ? ohh wait he already does that!

  • LordKellthe1st 8 months ago

    Pirro is just obnoxious

  • Nico Brav 8 months ago

    A super Human… ???

  • Mundy Morning Report 8 months ago

    Obviously obese, over 300 lbs and at his age the illnesses that come from that are taking its toll. Appearances tell more than his misspelling and lack of mental competence or clarity.

  • Sunny Malhotra 8 months ago

    WTF Trevor do u seriously think we are here to listen to recaps of fox news… get ur shit together … replacing ur clever commentary with shitty music does not cut it… your YouTube team just failed u

  • True Black Knight 8 months ago

    They must be mixing him up with another character with orange skin called The thing ?????????

  • GT-AVIATOR 8 months ago

    Lets enjoy the man while he is here.Its probably unlikely he’ll be present in the next 2 decades

  • B. Fortune 8 months ago

    Bout as healthy as heart murmur

  • The EB Life 8 months ago

    Wow they are really licking his boots.

  • Nancy Cronig 8 months ago

    I think we will find out that he has bone spurs in one or more feet and will be advised to step down from the presidency as it will be hazardous to his health.

  • American Dog 8 months ago

    The best thing that could happen to our nation is that this pos strokes out

  • Tim M 8 months ago

    How much do you want to bet that if he dies, his base will claim he was murdered by the clintons?

  • debbie duccini-day 8 months ago

    I don’t give much stock to what either of these individuals say. I’m not wishing for Trump to be ill. I’m wishing he pay for his crimes


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