Trump Is Losing the Election, So He’s Trying to Destroy Democracy: A Closer Look

Published on November 5, 2020

Seth takes a closer look at Trump’s path to reelection narrowing as the remaining swing states continue counting ballots.

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  • 7rob27 2 months ago

    4 years ago … how bad can it get with Trump, really?
    Now … 🥺😩😫😵🤢🤮

  • Ali Powers 2 months ago

    They want to belong. They need our sympathy. Can you imagine being driven so mad, to become so angry, simply by being isolated and being fed news from uncredited sources? A UK politician was murdered by the same cycle of propaganda and tribe mentality over BREXIT. If we continually mock those who are wrong, they will always double down to save face. Because the group, where they feel they belong, protects them. Even if the same group puts them in harms way! It’s like the Manson Family. Trump supporters are addicted to a feeling he has complete dominion over. They want the America they remember before the hurt, before the trauma, the chaos of reality set in with their adult teeth. They miss their childhood and want their grandad who wails on all their bullies. The more you counter with mocking or bullying you feed his cycle of manipulation. Because no one wants to feel stupid. Trump wants to be loved. He wants everyone to love him, but he doesn’t see by allowing bullies to love him, the victims will naturally speak out. His only counter is bully back. His continuing failure as a leader is his need to be adored, his power has always stemmed from attracting others, to use them, in whatever capacity maintains his self image. He cherry picks people who need that kind of validation. Coz that’s his trick. Not all of them are corrupt, some are corrupted by needing to feel included, and validated. They don’t ever want to think that feeling he gives them is a lie. To a Trump supporter its as ground shaking as Santa Claus, and as defining. If you mock a child for crying, knowing every Christmas, will be different now, then you have a sense how to treat those who don’t want to believe the truth, especially leading up to the holidays. They’re not all bullies, a lot of them are victims who never really had someone to stick up for them. That’s why you may also see their delusions reinforced by drug use. They’re traumatised and need grandpas hugs. In conclusion, I have no way to fix this either.

  • Mona Wesley 2 months ago


  • MrJuicemunkey 2 months ago

    You’re a scumbag just as much as these cheating democrats. It’s one thing to support a candidate but a whole other thing to support vote fraud

  • Robb 2 months ago

    A Trump campaign lawyer admitted before a federal judge on Thursday that observers for the campaign were allowed to watch ballot canvassing in Philadelphia, after they claimed in court and the President’s supporters alleged they were being deprived unfairly.

    But the federal judge was having none of it, instead asking Philadelphia city officials to confirm Democrats and Republicans were being treated fairly to watch the ballot-counting and that they were allowed to watch the ballot counting in the city from six feet away.

    When the judge pressed the Trump campaign lawyer if there were observers in the room from the campaign, the lawyer, Jerome Marcus, said, “There’s a non-zero number of people in the room.”

    The judge, Paul Diamond of the Eastern District of Pennsylvania, a George W. Bush appointee, also pointed out he believed the President’s case appeared to have no reason to be in federal court, and even cracked a joke that the lawyer “shouldn’t quit his day job” when the campaign handed the judge a hand-drawn map of the ballot counting room.

    After the judge confirmed the parties would have the same number of observers in the room, he dismissed the Trump campaign’s request because it was moot.

  • low key 2 months ago

    Seth, how dare you mock that press-crasher for wearing a tank top! You’re trying to infringe on his Second Amendment rights — so unAmerican!! …oh, that doesn’t guarantee the right to bare arms? Oops…carry on.

  • Paul Duarte 2 months ago

    Lol I wasn’t looking and thought that Seth was making a one piece reference ☠️

  • jester si 2 months ago

    how do you have so many ignorant people in power… jeepers shouldn’t there be a skill testing question like Q: “whats havier a pound of gold or a pound of feathers”
    A: “He’s mexican!”

    At least they might get that one…

  • lindsay jennifer 2 months ago

    lovin’ it

  • Ricardo Fuentes 2 months ago

    As of now biden is tying with trump 49.4 to 49.4 in pennsylvania with more ballots coming in trump is declaring bulls##t

  • Reilly O 2 months ago

    Accidentally caught the last half of Apocalypto on tv last night for quite awhile I thought it was a replay of a Trump rally until I realized the people in the crowd looked a bit too civilised

  • Ivy B 2 months ago

    That guy in Nevada must be lost…… Florida please go collect your man….. you’re missing one and he’s in Nevada

  • Jay Flores 2 months ago

    Trump is an elitist billionaire

  • muadhib001 2 months ago

    Ghouliani doesn’t understand numbers

  • M4rk_React0r 2 months ago

    Hahahaha Joe and Donald sharing the White House should be a new bit 😂

  • Brian Donald 2 months ago

    I declare that all members of the Trump family are morons… Stay safe ✌️🇨🇦😷

  • Shinigami 2 months ago

    Reply of the day goes to Retired MMA fighter Michael “The Count” Bisping, replying, “ ..What did I do..? “ in reply to Trump’s, “STOP THE COUNT!”

  • Edward Mercedes 2 months ago

    Where those the trump administration finds all the bobbleheads, that they place behind them!? Is their like a trump administration, bobblehead agency, we don’t about?

  • Areynoso39 2 months ago

    This segment deserves an Award 🏆!!!! LMFAO 🤣… Funny, informative, accurate!!!!!

  • T. W. 2 months ago

    People say this is a nail-biter. I don’t agree. This is the best kind of entertainment I could ask for. I LOVE, I RELISH how Trump’s regime is going down the drain and there NOT AN EFFING THING they can do about it.


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