Trump is Losing, Lying & Tearing Democracy Down with Him

Published on November 6, 2020

Another stressful day in America started with Trump tweeting “STOP THE COUNT” in regard to votes, an angry mob of his supporters descended on a ballot counting center in Phoenix last night, Trump’s spiritual advisor threw a Hail Mary on his behalf, Trump got up to the podium in the White House to give a speech filled with lies, threats and attacks on democracy, and to top it all off, his former Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney indicated that he expects Trump to run again in 2024, and because of the mid-season change on “The Bachelorette,” Jimmy’s wife Molly takes to the Magic Wall to pick the guy who she thinks will win Tayshia’s heart.

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  • Fredrik Magnusson 2 years ago

    I feel so sorry for americans…

  • Mark Golvani 2 years ago

    The Covfefe-45 virus will go away once the weather cools down in January, it will be like a miracle 🎃 ➡️ 🚽

  • ajay nathani 2 years ago

    Who is more popular in 2020 ? Corona or US elections. 🤣

  • Lucas Storm 2 years ago

    Trump’s pathetic reign of terror is over! We are getting our country back and will finally be able to sleep at night again.

  • Cap’n Quint 2 years ago

    I’ve been saying “Stop the Co̶unt” for the last four years

  • Tony Cowan 2 years ago

    The racists are big mad right now 🤣

  • Don Moore 2 years ago

    Do not ask me why, but these Bachelorette recaps I find interesting when Jimmy does the telling. I would never ever watch the show.

  • Empath Rising 2 years ago

    Imagine if there was an election designed to lure out every crook trying to rig it, and they lost anyway, but now they are all caught and won’t get a chance to be repeat offenders. just imagine…. 😎 PLAYBOOK KNOWN. fraudulent votes. 5D chess.
    sometimes you gotta follow the zig zag path to get to the top of the mountain.
    enjoy your final moments of oblivion, lefties. we’ll let you have it. it will be fleeting 😊 the whole world is watching, and the whole world is about to find out whether there is in fact a deep state… 👁
    look at you throwing tantrums. true winners don’t do that. why so on edge? got something to hide? are you worried? you should be. they have everything. EVERYTHING 🤩🍿 enjoy the show folks!

  • Xjamjamx 1 2 years ago

    If Trump sue and it will cost money, don’t worry he will have Mexico to pay for it!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Bryan Levasseur 2 years ago

    You had a great president and now your f/_¥;&&ed.

  • Tosh T 2 years ago

    Less The Bachelorette talk but more Molly Kimmel would be nice. She’s great.

  • Longhull Moe 2 years ago

    Exorcism on that stage

  • Dimic Dragan 2 years ago

    Ahahaa that lady calling angels is crazy, 100 %… my god, who actually takes her serious… she should be either in jail as a con, or in a mental hospital

  • Robert F. 2 years ago

    maybe trump should go on the bachelorette show

  • Michael Taylor 2 years ago

    Flip that title around:

    President Trump has already won (you just don’t know it yet: but will before year’s end).

    President Trump is rescuing our Republican form of government from would be usurpers.

  • Dmitri Katz 2 years ago

    Don’t be a hater jimmy

  • Robin 2 years ago

    “Ratta” means wheel in finnish also i think in sweden where i live that would count as mental illness

  • Colleen Mcwhan 2 years ago

    I knew it was gonna be Melania.
    She’ll be single maybe soon

  • htowntx1986 2 years ago

    “What is he gonna do, give everybody at lens crafters a peanut allergy” 😂 💀

  • Matthew Young 2 years ago

    People still watch the bachelorette thingy? Huh..


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