Trump Is Leaving Behind a Legacy of Insurrection, Corruption and Chaos: A Closer Look

Published on January 18, 2021

Seth takes a closer look at the damage President Trump will leave behind as we learn more about the insurrection he incited, his premeditated plan to steal the election and the Republican Party’s complicity.

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  • Yo Mama 3 years ago

    At 7:ish when Lindsay says impeaching him after he’s out of office is unconstitutional, Lindsay puts himself in a funny place. Mr Graham is a well educated lawyer. He should know that the impeachment has already occurred, and that the trial is planned for after the man is out of office. Now is he lieing? Misdirecting, or going into dementia like Ms Feinstein?

  • heresjohnno 3 years ago

    Graham is lying, to us, and to himself. Trump has never taken responsibility for anything, and pretending like he will take responsibility for his actions in inciting the mob is delusional. Responsibility and consequences are going to have to be forced on him, and Graham is currently engaged along with the majority of his party in ensuring that Trump doesn’t have to face that responsibility. So don’t talk about healing or moving forward or how Trump will accept responsibility unless you are actually doing something to ensure that he will.

  • Johnny Yuen 3 years ago

    Don’t buy pillows from the pillow guy.

  • Rational Lion 3 years ago

    When Dominion Voting sues Mike Lindell for Libel, it needs to be called The Pillow Case…

  • Juliet Dyer 3 years ago

    Almost like trump has some film of linsey dittoing a boy or something…..

  • patricia mckeen 3 years ago

    I have news for Lindsey, the party is already destroyed.

  • Jose sanchez Sanchez 3 years ago

    That’s right trump even said it. Nobody knew how ignorant and a buffoon he is.

  • Sir Scorpio 3 years ago

    Rudy did that to separate himself from having to lawyer from trump think about it he knew he wouldn’t b able to

  • Rob Dedrick 3 years ago

    Did it not look like the Pillow Prick left his Papers on the Front Porch ?

  • Fortnite Guy 3 years ago

    The Republican Party does not want Trump.

  • Yashi Stampedes 3 years ago

    its very constitutional..theres even a provision for it.

  • Minkoff Chatoy 3 years ago

    Did you say, Lindell Zip-your-baloney.

  • Queen Diomedes of Thrace 3 years ago

    “Lindsey Graham is the closest Trump will come to owning a dog.” -Jimmy Kimmel

  • ET Fav songs 3 years ago

    Is LG on drugs when he spoke?

  • Debby Quigley 3 years ago

    Thanks goodness. The incoming president can talk like an educated human.

  • wyskass 3 years ago

    So the criminals are urging we move on and forget what happened. Who would have thought.

  • javamanV3 3 years ago

    Gee Lindsey: I guess you are an idiot! If the republicans embrace this dufus it will be the end of the party.! Congrats! The best result ever!


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