Trump Is Fighting For Russia, Fighting With Canada

Published on June 11, 2018

“Russia is good! Canada is bad! Burgers are pancakes!”


  • Cuban Rider 1 hour ago

    Crazy times.

  • Clay Loomis 1 hour ago

    BEAUTY! Please keep posting these early clips, whoever is in charge of this.

  • nate dean 1 hour ago

    Trump For Treason!

  • juan gomez 1 hour ago

    Canada will build the wall and make Americans pay for it.

  • Videoscord 1 hour ago

    Trump’s retail website only pays sales taxes in 2 states. Amazon pays taxes in 45.

  • brainflash1 59 mins ago

    We were always at war with Eurasia.

  • comets & blueberries 58 mins ago

    if war with Canada comes, will the conscientious objectors go to Guatemala?

  • jay folk 57 mins ago

    Putin Cockholster

  • GravitySloth 57 mins ago

    Trump is bad

  • Aaron Robertson 57 mins ago

    “Still life of Douche-bag”

  • Nancy Reyes 55 mins ago

    My lungs are in the best health now… from sighing at trump’s bullshit for the past two years 🙄*sigh*

  • Eckhart of the Cygnus Knights 55 mins ago

    1:52, Merkel looks a school principal that is holding a meeting with a student who misbehaved so badly that she had to call in all of the student’s teachers to discuss his behavior.

  • RYO 54 mins ago

    Why can’t Justin be our president..? Makes me jealous to hear a leader who knows how to use words correctly.

  • Ichigo TRILLONATOR 52 mins ago

    If you wanna know who voted for trump, just youtube ” *people of Walmart* ” 100% guaranteed

  • Matthew Snider 50 mins ago

    So, the President attacks the other member nations repeatedly in the lead-up to the summit, argues quite tellingly for the reinstatement of Russia to the group (despite its/Putin’s overt hostility toward US interests and the American electoral system), shows up late to the summit and then again to a meeting on the second day, seemingly engages as little as possible during the proceedings, leaves the event early, spews out a misinformed and highly petty Tweetstorm against the US’ closest geographical and political ally once back in the safety of his own plane and adoring yes-men, encourages others in his administration to lash out with the same invective-laced personal attacks, and then has the audacity to accuse Trudeau and Canada of exhibiting “bad-faith diplomacy?” Wow, the clown really is running the circus.

  • Friend Wilkins 49 mins ago

    I have to have at least a dozen relatives living in Canada (mostly in Sarnia/ Point Edward). My paternal grandparents emigrated from Canada, for christ sake! And now Canada is the enemy?? Screw Donald J. Trump!!

  • Carl. J 49 mins ago

    Wants peace with Russia and North Korea badly. *Keeps getting in fights with Canada and Mexico because of dumb things.*

  • PN Houle 44 mins ago

    What Putin has on Trump is the pee-pee tape. And it appears like Kim Jong-un was given a copy too.

  • David Pirtle 43 mins ago

    The day after shitting on all of our strongest allies, Trump is trumpeting his ‘excellent relationship’ with Kim Jong Un. We live in interesting times.

  • 19thHour 22 mins ago

    The year is 2077. Thanks to the 2018 tariff wars, America is a dairy-free wasteland where only the lactose-intolerant survive.
    Survivors huddle in the ruins of once mighty cities and try to avoid capture by the Canadian cyborgs who try luring humans in with the phrase “Sorry, eh?”


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