Trump is Definitely Getting Impeached

Published on December 11, 2019

Time Magazine is about to name their Person of the Year, two articles of impeachment were announced by the Chair of the House Judiciary Committee Jerry Nadler, and the press was not invited to Trump’s meeting with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov in the Oval Office.

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  • M. Rodrigo Lemus 1 year ago

    Donald Trump: “I’m the most transparent President in the History of the United States”… Meanwhile… Bone Spurs Vietnam Draft Dodger LYING KING Donald Trump blocking evidence and SUBPOENAS… And ordering witnesses in his administration with first hand knowledge in UKRAINEGATE, NOT to appear for this IMPEACHMENT Inquiry… Where’s Rudy Giuliani?…. Where’s Mick Mulvaney?.. Where’s Mike Pompeo?… THAT’S OBSTRUCTION OF CONGRESS. ?

  • GRUMPY SAVAGE 1 year ago

    All I want 4 Christmas is TRUMP IMPEACH.

    *Humble Enough An Alwayz Original Urs Trutly (Grumpy SaVage)*

  • MR DREDD66 1 year ago

    Keep walking into that dark abyss trump!!?

  • Green Knight of War 1 year ago

    Ok first no he won’t he forgets that the senate will be involved and will completely stop dead in it’s tracks. Two he’s winning in the swing states against Biden and all the other candidates. Three this show is just another political talk show and has become dreadfully boring. Fourth he’s probably going to win a second time so strap yourself.

  • Kelly Malone 1 year ago

    The tortoise and the hairpiece!
    Brill Jimmy!

  • Captain Captain 1 year ago

    If Trump gets impeached, this whole circus will have been worth it.

  • emmanuel delgado 1 year ago

    I used to like this show

  • Elliot Ps 1 year ago

    But how will they fit Trump inside of a peach? ?

  • Rick Hyne 1 year ago

    The longer it takes to start the trial,. The more opportunities Trump has to add to the charges.

  • Movies&&Highlights!!! 1 year ago

    How is trump going to get impeached if it goes to the senate ?
    Senate is full of RepuppetBlicans.

  • Jeremiah Steele 1 year ago

    Impeached but not leaving office so keep crying.

  • Therite56 1 year ago

    Everyone better vote if he doesn’t get impeached.

  • NitroDoesGaming 1 year ago

    I always wondered what happens when Trump is out of the office. What content will Jimmy cover because right now it looks like most of his content is based on Trump? Will he still be talking about him after? I didn’t know late-night talk shows were meant to cover everything politics. I remember when they used to be funny and it was a time with your family in the living room after long days of work or school or just… life. Now you turn them on and it’s a 30ish minute segment of straight-up bashing on Trump. And when that happens every single episode, the show begins to feel repetitive, stagnant, and overall becomes stale over time. They have to find something to talk about because at this point late-night entertainment shows have felt a lot less entertaining. (open for opinions and reflections)

  • Charlie Monteleone 1 year ago

    Just hope the deep state gets elected and the employment rate jumps from 2.6% to 12% and all things turn bad for your country ,then people will just blame Trump ,then goes to show just how stupid you people really are as Americans

  • Thomas Red X Jackson 1 year ago

    So what?〰️If he doesn’t, Jimmy the false prophet might be stoned?〰️✖™️®️

  • My Name Is David Hogg & I Approve This Message 1 year ago

    0:12-21, all scripted acting by Kimmel. He asked those few guests to laugh loudly so he could make that joke.

    Since when do you hear inappropriate laughter during a late show???
    Answer the question….

  • SpaceMuffin 1 year ago

    ? maybe i did too much acid… things seem pretty strange these days ??

  • Lanwarder 1 year ago

    I much prefer a 50 year old green baby than a 73 year old orange man baby

  • Fur Ball 1 year ago

    Times person of the year……drum roll…….the whistleblower. ???

  • Charlie Monteleone 1 year ago

    And to Kimmel you should run for the Democrats,you would fit right in the class of degenerates.


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