Trump Indictment Chaos | Fox News “Soft on Crime” Meltdown

Published on March 23, 2023

Big News breaks down Trump indictment chaos and Fox News’ “soft on crime” hypocrisy with White House Bureau Chief of Politico and host of MSNBC’s “Way Too Early”, Jonathan Lemire. Plus, breaking news on panicked former president police chases. Watch Stephen Colbert Presents Tooning Out The News on Comedy Central, Wednesdays after The Daily Show and on

Clip air date 03/23/2023

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  • Rasputin 2 months ago

    How can an entire political party be “soft on crime” especially when it’s the police that fight crime not politicians. And how can they call them soft when they’re indicting the former president?

  • Travis Cutler 2 months ago

    So good, it’s Colbert report level good. Much better than the Democrat cheerleading Late Show.

  • [Hashknight Gaming] 2 months ago

    Lol slick willy I a ded

  • Mary Cina 2 months ago

    I don’t recall amy of this uproar when Michael Cohen was tried and sentenced.

  • Steven S 2 months ago

    The only good thing coming out of this is all the republican money being funnelled into Trump’s personal account instead of GOP election campaign.

  • James Mitchell 2 months ago

    0:26 eeewww his neck sack has cleavage!

  • Taylor Diamond 2 months ago

    Clinton had a BJ and everyone lost their minds. Trump illegally uses campaign finances to hush an affair and the right is like “Nobody’s perfect”.

  • Curtis Stewart 2 months ago

    Liberal lost again

  • Burp mc Plurbison 2 months ago

    I can think of at least 1 more disgusting witch hunt in the history of our country… If trump was alive back then, he 100% would be the one hunting the “witches”.

  • Big Sister 2 months ago


  • theRealJamal _ 2 months ago

    They’re right. Our justice system is so shytty this guy committed treason and not only has the opportunity to try again but he’s not being tried for it. He’s getting potentially arrested for lying about $130k.

  • BlitzofChaos Gaming 2 months ago

    24/7 access to the Epstein jet line seems to be being ignored in the comments.

  • Randy Martinez 2 months ago

    Nope wrong their coming after you trump

  • Phil 2 months ago

    Run Billy run


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