Trump Impeachment Trial Enters The 11th Hour With No Word On Witnesses

Published on January 30, 2020

As Trump’s lawyers continued to argue that you can’t impeach a president while he’s running for president, pollsters reported 75% of Americans want the Senate to call witnesses before concluding the impeachment trial. #Monologue #Impeachment #Comedy

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  • Robin van den Berg 2 years ago

    Don’t laugh at that blonde. She just printed a really big font by accident.

  • U OL 2 years ago

    Pam Bondi, not only “a dumb ass—sociate of the president”, but a cheap date: it only took 25 grand to buy her cooperation.

  • Jered Kohsman 2 years ago

    ANDREW YANG!!!!!!!!!!!!!????????????????????????????????????????????????

  • GiBi 2 years ago

    USA has lost credibility and equals state systems of third world countries, in Trumps own words, it got a sh*thole country all by itself.
    US will never recover from this huge loss of credibility and leadership.

  • Max G 2 years ago

    She held it together, I would have panicked If couldn’t find my notes that long.

  • Scorpion Braid 2 years ago

    Funny thing about King Louis XIV, the French Revolution happened because of him.
    In order to ensure the loyalty of his court, he began construction on the family hunting lodge and before construction even ended, moved his entire court into it. Because of the distance from Versailles to Paris, Louis reasoned that it would be impossible for his courtiers to send and/or receive information cutting off attempts for espionage at the knees. Louis then began to make everything revolve around him, hence his honorific “The Sun King.” It was considered a great favor to dress him, watch him eat, and if you weren’t constantly there or if you were out of fashion (which changed pretty rapidly) you were considered out of favor and would eventually be told to leave, in effect cutting you off from the King entirely. He ensured that his court not only couldn’t betray him by giving away information but also wouldn’t have the time to do so since they had to constantly follow him. This tradition carried on until Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette.
    Being so far removed from the city the royals could not see what the people were going through. The court weren’t aware of the suffering of their people which led to their over indulgence, high taxes, and inevitably a breaking point.
    If they had been in the city they would have seen daily that people were suffering, that it wasn’t just empty complaints.

  • ThatGuy777 2 years ago

    As a fellow Floridian, watching the segment with Pam was pamful.

  • Robert Prescott 2 years ago

    Blue wave November ’20

  • Cole Scott 2 years ago

    Louis IVX: L’etate c’est moi.

    Trump: L’orange c’est moi.

  • musicalaviator 2 years ago

    “I AM the Sentate!”

  • Johnny Rocket 2 years ago

    Trump is well known member of the mob and that’s who’s running your country a bunch of two bit gangsters from NY let that sink in America!

  • Isaac Ibnoumaryama 2 years ago

    I love this show. F****c. Haters

  • Mar Nev 2 years ago

    Adam Schiff for President!

  • LordFirekaze 2 years ago

    defendimg trump killed her career

  • mukund p 2 years ago

    I think we need the Borg now … We have proved we cannot manage ourselves on this earth or outside of it.

  • Ryan Blumton 2 years ago

    How are Trump’s lawyers, lawyers? How do you even pass the bar with arguments like that?

  • Syncronizemysynthesis 2 years ago

    A day in the life of Trump.

    Get’s out of bed, glue’s hair-piece on, goes golfing, kicks his ball out of the bunker, eats some KFC, makes fun of a child with special needs, spends some time in his tanning bed to keep up on his tremendously sexy orange skin tone, watch’s some Fox News, looks at his messages written in sharpie, throws darts at an Obama picture, goes on a Twitter ranting rage, eats some chocolate cake and then goes to bed in a separate room looking at pictures of himself before turning off the light.

  • Tori Kitt 2 years ago

    Keep going Colbert

  • Gavin Otto 2 years ago

    In the words of a french peasant girl who confronted Louis the 14th
    “Tyran Tyran! Égalité pour tous!”

  • Laurie Huntley 2 years ago

    What the he’ll a has happened to the USA..laughing stock of the world


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