Trump Impeachment Hearings – Day One | The Daily Show

Published on November 13, 2019

The public portion of the Trump impeachment hearings kicks off with testimony from acting Ambassador to Ukraine Bill Taylor and Senior State Department official George Kent. #TheDailyShow



  • TheFangseeker 9 months ago

    Donald Trump should testify

  • Nicole Robinson 9 months ago

    Pick a side and deal with the consequences.

  • Angry Bushnell 9 months ago

    Donnie is no businessman. He is a grifter maybe suffering from ADHD and FAE.

  • German Alonso 9 months ago

    Murder at 7:35

  • Luis Pinedo 9 months ago

    Donald Trump should be called to testify. Then his son in law and his daughter.

  • ScaryEducatedChic 9 months ago

    This season of America: The Trump years is really looking like it’s going to be so interesting!! And f*ck Gym Jordan!!

  • Gersson B 9 months ago

    put giulianni ?‍♂️ to testify, this will be over quick lol

  • Iron Tribe Issues 9 months ago

    “Mister Trump is welcome to take a seat right there!”

  • VandalAudi 9 months ago

    I think I’ve seen this episode of Veep before.

  • Stephen E 9 months ago

    But what about Benghazi??? I don’t think this impeachment hearing should continue until we solve Benghazi, Hillary’s emails, Trevor’s yogurt, and Obama’s book deal! I’ve heard all I needed to hear before this started, and have made up my mind.

  • waheeda mohammed 9 months ago


  • MustardMcDavid 9 months ago

    Ty Trevor

  • Mia J 9 months ago

    A coworker was listening to this broadcast today and actually turned to me and asked why they didn’t call Hunter Biden to testify on his own behalf. Trying to tell the coworker that it was a smokescreen and distraction from the wrongdoing of 45 just made him angry at me.

  • Blu 9 months ago

    god i can’t believe america isn’t embarrassed by the joke that there president and government is, i know a lot of americans keep blaming republican politicians and while they are a problem the fact that when trump was campaigning almost half the votes went to him is insane. the fucker admitted to sexually assaulting women, he clearly didn’t understand foreign policy, and had no political experience whatsoever. america’s a sick joke on how a government shouldn’t function.

  • Rezoan Nur 9 months ago

    Imagine going through 6 hours of footage to make an 8 minute video while trying to squeeze some comedy in it. It fell flat honestly. They were trying really hard to make it funny and it showed.

  • Amy Zhao 9 months ago

    Don’t try to lead the people’s attention to the whistleblower. I hope they could keep this secret forever to make sure that people can end his life naturally, not by some intentional unexpected accidents.

  • Kevin Hunter 9 months ago

    Ah the Republican are trying the Chewbacca defense.

  • Mohsin Khan 9 months ago

    *Gym Rapist Jordan, needs to be dick slapped*

  • trancd822 9 months ago

    The Republican’s counsel looks like a douchebag ?

  • Gilly 1 9 months ago

    Hunter Biden won’t be on dancing with the stars… Unlike the Republican flunkies.


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