Trump Impeached AGAIN After Inciting Violence at the Capitol

Published on January 13, 2021

Donald Trump made history today as the first president to be impeached twice, several Republicans in the House voted to hold Trump accountable while the rest of them put their crazy on full display, Chuck Norris set the record straight about being at the Capitol riots after a look-a-like photo circulated online, Nancy Pelosi’s stolen lectern was returned, several GOP members popped off about having to go through metal detectors on their way into the Capitol, VP Mike Pence received a vulgar threat from Trump, Mitch McConnell is said to be pleased about impeachment after years of supporting our dear misleader, and Jimmy checks in with our favorite stoner from Michigan, Freddie Miller.

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  • James Nella 2 years ago

    Freddies the Bomb. Need more Freddie . Freddie . Freddie the Bong

  • Amber Kepton 2 years ago

    We need to clean house…

  • Paige Turner 2 years ago

    Oh, please, make Freddie the bachelor!

  • Alexia Torrez 2 years ago

    Freddy is the best 💚💚💚💚💚

  • Giorgio Russo 2 years ago

    Love Freddy!

  • Mael Sanchez 2 years ago

    Freddy the legend 😁

  • Don't Panic 2 years ago

    Obstuctionism and grievance are our biggest obstacles now. The last thing we should do is make a martyr of Pres. Trump or give conservatives any more reason to hold on to their resentment.

    At the crux of this are economic and class imperatives that are strongly tied to racial hatreds. We can solve the racism to solve the socioeconomic problems (good luck) or implement the necessary reforms for an economic democracy to solve racial tensions.

    Ignoring the latter, keeps us on the path we’ve been on since 2008 and well before.

    No more wars to prop up the economy. No more exploitation of communities or workers. No more cosmetic fixes or half measures. No more political retribution. No more cultural superficialities. No more excuses.

    Our societal gains have been enormous. The job is to channel them properly to avoid economic collapse now.

  • Tendayi G 2 years ago

    But that Freddie dude 🤣😂😅

  • Abdulsalam Idrisnor 2 years ago


  • Sheltonious Maximus 2 years ago

    “When tyranny becomes law, rebellion becomes duty” – Thomas Jefferson

  • Adan Paniagua 2 years ago

    Freddy a legend

  • Kedar Zambaulikar 2 years ago

    Freddy’s laugh is contagious man…

  • Sydney Williams 2 years ago

    Censored mask but arguing a side 🤣

  • Zequiel Christopher Droz 2 years ago

    Love Freddie Miller!!

  • Noelle With an E 2 years ago

    Some colors on the walls is nice 😆

  • P J 2 years ago


  • drunkGfunk 2 years ago

    that. was. the. most. stoned. person. ever!

  • Ken Ing 2 years ago

    What’s this clown going to talk about when Trump leaves office he’s not going to criticize his liberal buddy Biden

  • Nola Smith 2 years ago

    Freddi the stoner, so sweet. he put a smile on my face thanks

  • Aznin Nur Ameran 2 years ago

    The Republicans voting against impeaching Trump are as guilty as Trump for defending, covering up and enabling the riot.


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