Trump Has “Never Heard” of a Category 5 Hurricane

Published on September 4, 2019

Donald Trump comments on the UNPRECEDENTED Category 5 Hurricane Dorian, Jimmy goes through all of the things Trump did while we were on vacation, and Mike Pence goes to Ireland on official government business and stays at a Trump hotel.

Jimmy Kimmel – Mayor of Dildo!

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  • Laura Lynne 9 months ago

    Thank God you are back!

    Prayers to all!!

  • Games and Toilets Productions 9 months ago

    Trump is filled,with idiocy and shame. Give me a break how does he not know about a category five hurricane? Where was he when irma or maria hit?

  • New Message 9 months ago

    The reason he doesn’t want Tiffany around is that Tiffany said ‘NO’ to the sweet 16 birthday boob job (there’s an article about the incident floating around, can’t recall from where though), AND doesn’t let him touch her without looking visibly nauseated.

  • ExcelsiørSn1pezz 9 months ago

    Subscribe or I’ll steal your cookies

  • ROBERT Drake 9 months ago

    You sensitive wanks ready for 2020!!! ????????

  • Sam Sunwoo 9 months ago

    Trump….such a shame for America….

  • MsCherade9 9 months ago

    Why does Pence look like a sculpture that hasn’t been finish? His skin is weirdly smoothed over, it can’t be Botox…

  • smut peddler 9 months ago

    I love the uneducated

  • Ana Fragata 9 months ago

    Trump probably is starting to have Alzheimer’s like Regan

  • Mel Bee 9 months ago

    Normal fathers response: “I love(my daughters name) aka Tiffany. Shes made me so very proud. Her academics have been amazing. Shes grown up to be a thoughtful, caring, smart strong woman. She continues each day being the best woman she can be and I support her all the way. What’s been reported is not true”
    Trump- “shes a good person”

  • Delusional-Shadow 9 months ago

    what do you expect from a man who doesn’t believe in global warming

  • steven huang 9 months ago

    When did Florida legalize crack?

  • Doug H. Nuts 9 months ago

    OMG! Our “cartoon” president. And Pence! He reminded me of Bush the way he furled his eyebrow…OMG…WHY????? Check it out at 6:07

  • Jimmy Jazz 9 months ago

    Never once did he say ” my daughter”

  • Spidey oo 9 months ago

    Trump, very silly guy. God help him, still MAGA.

  • Victorino Philadelphia 9 months ago

    LLH” …

  • Kelly Malone 9 months ago

    Trump is so dumb.

  • Andrew Herbert 9 months ago

    Trump has now changed the rating, Dorian is now a 10. As in Bo Derek was a 10, Angelina Jolie is a 9.5, Oprah is a 2, etc

  • Aaron 9 months ago

    Yay!! Welcome back!

  • uncle Poobie 9 months ago

    I told you Trump you talk me away what I didn’t give you my vote I told you to give to the people dumbass


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