Trump Has Made Billions Of Dollars Disappear

Published on May 9, 2019

The New York Times got their hands on Trump’s taxes from the nineties, which tell a much different story about his finances than he did.

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  • David Edwards 1 year ago

    tRump wanted America to be a kingdom so he could be called king, but it was knocked back.
    Then he wanted America to be an empire, so he could be an emperor, but that was knocked back.
    Congress decided to leave America as a country, seeing as he was already being named after it.

  • Tam McD 1 year ago

    DUHonomics 101: Move money offshore. Declare bankruptcy (shafting creditors). Declare “losses” while laundering money from Daddy. Pay no taxes (aka income tax evasion). Brag. Repeat.

  • David 1 year ago

    If you guys want to get a good laugh go to the fox comments… boy are those people ignorant

  • lich109 1 year ago

    So why did people always claim the system is based around “checks and balances” when those can be completely ignored by whoever’s in power?

  • Mina Mars 1 year ago

    It’s crazy how we now get our real news from late night comedy.

  • shimmy 1973 Schermerhorn 1 year ago

    Trump will be impeached….just for The Sport. Let’s begin the journey !

  • PK Lee 1 year ago

    Fox and Friends is s disgrace, who promotes distortion and lies to their viewers.
    They are basically Trump propaganda machine.

  • any one of us 1 year ago

    Keep dream’in libs.

  • Leroy Green 1 year ago

    So he’s not just a new Republican. He’s been in the Red for decades …

  • Erik R 1 year ago

    Losing money is “sport”? I guess that makes him multiple time MVP.

  • Sanctum Sanctorum 1 year ago

    When corruption is this blatantly obvious, any republican who opted to choose their party over their country?
    Chose more than the letter next to their name, they’re exchanging it and their integrity for a nice long number!!

  • ssi1991 1 year ago

    Amazing how flawed the US systems are…

  • John M 1 year ago

    The woman in the Fox clip could barely look directly into the camera.

  • Michael McGinley 1 year ago

    The American system is SO FUCKED UP, no wonder it is the ONLY country to have it. The rest of the world is a democracy or a dictatorship, while America is just a shit storm where the rich get to say “don’t call me freckles when the shit hits the fan” America sold it’s soul for a pound of gold and think they have brought their way into heaven.

  • AWARHERO 1 year ago

    Trump might not be a “shithole” country but he’s the biggest asshole on the planet.

  • Jordan Howard 1 year ago

    ? sad

  • trevor mcgaw 1 year ago

    Steven Hillary lost 1.2 billion in 1 year lol

  • Jeff Schatz 1 year ago

    Only losers lose money the way trump and his supporters spend money.

  • EuroFrench 1 year ago

    tRump – can you spell Dick – Tator?

  • tanya brooks 1 year ago

    Greed is trump


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