Trump Has Lied 16,241 Times

Published on January 21, 2020

Trump celebrated three years in office by paying tribute to himself and somehow brought Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. into it, Trump has officially lied more than 16,241 times, put together an all-star defense team for his impeachment trial, and despite everyone in Trump’s circle claiming they don’t know Lev Parnas there seem to be a lot of photos of him with all of them. Meanwhile, the champagne drama continues on ABC’s ‘The Bachelor,’ and we remember the highlights of the first three years under Donald Trump.

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  • Thomas Perez 6 months ago

    Is the Joker in the building or what?

  • Ortiz Racing #7 6 months ago

    3 years ago America got the worst most dishonest disgraceful tasteless spineless brainless saddest excuse for a human being!So for the past 3 years the world has laughed at America we have lost allies the trust of the world n even our known enemies laugh at this moron! But yet 33% of the inbreeds love this orange turd n think his is great! I hope to hell they get rid of this idiot n his ugly kids! Cleanse n fumigate the White House n take all the lying cheating crooked defenders of turd face with him!

  • Ryan Swick 6 months ago

    And that’s only 10% of the lies you’ve told about him.

  • Ezer Ratchaga 6 months ago

    Jimmy Kimmel has suffered TDS 28,000 times.

  • dbilly7 6 months ago

    Nostradumbass! Ha!

  • Anti 1 Training 6 months ago

    I am very disappointed in you, Jimmy smh

  • wampum3000 6 months ago

    and you think obama lied less?

  • teresa tall 6 months ago

    When Moscow Mitch’s chinsac bursts thousands of spiders, with redundant partiality, will devour him immediately. One of the spiders writes ” Some Prick”, with an arrow pointing at his skeletal remains, as an homage to “Charlotte’s Web”‘ . Quite fey, the arachnid.

  • Becca Daily 6 months ago

    Jimmy Kimmel: ” let me tell you something, Martin Luther King had a dream, this wasn’t it” lol!

  • BPMoments 6 months ago

    Is that the Joker in the audience?

  • Miguel Gonzalez 6 months ago

    I honestly think people who support Trump either are so blind that can’t even see how sick and evil that man is or don’t really have a heart. 4 more years of Trump and he might be the last president that this country will ever see. WW3.

  • Walk Away 6 months ago

    just love the way jimmy kimmel presents…

  • Steve-o Golf 6 months ago

    Scroll down to see a whole bunch of butt hurt leftist

  • tgoodson2 6 months ago

    The Canadian reporter who compiles this list was careful at the beginning to point out that the list is comprised of mostly falsehoods not necessarily lies as Trump has limited capacity to know truth from fiction.

  • Billy Anderson 6 months ago

    Trump literally is the same guy that said, on tv “take the guns first do due process after.”

  • Summer Levinson 6 months ago

    Is this not your website that says “Let’s get lying?”

  • Killer JC89 6 months ago

    I want to try to talk to trump but if he touches me, I might become an orange

  • humberto tovar 6 months ago

    The truth will emerge soon or later , and this time it’s been caught on video every time.

  • Jackie H 6 months ago

    Yup, barely

  • David Haggerty 6 months ago

    I remember “Lie 2k.” You’re going to need a longer show if you keep doing these.


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